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11 Breakfast Ideas for Your Next Camping Trip


Breakfast should help support your morning camp activities. If you’re starting the day early with physical exercise like hiking or biking, a light breakfast that doesn’t bog you down is a good option, think yogurt, fruit, and granola. But if you’re waking up slowly with a family who wants to hang...

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Benefits of Staying in a Cabin


Are you tired of the usual hotel experience and looking for a unique and memorable vacation? Consider vacationing in a cabin! There's something truly magical about escaping the hustle and bustle of city life and immersing yourself in the tranquility of nature. In this article, we'll explore the...

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The Best Cooking Gear for Camping and RVing


Unlike home kitchens, it goes without saying that cooking in the great outdoors — be it at an outdoor campsite or in the confines of an RV — comes with its own distinct set of unique challenges. As fun and rewarding as it can be to cook in the great outdoors, it's pivotal to come prepared. That...

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Kid-Friendly Things to Do in Green River, Utah


Green River is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by families seeking a memorable outdoor adventure. If you're looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse yourselves in nature's wonders, this charming little town has much to offer. From thrilling outdoor activities to...

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How to Pack for a Day Hike


When you’re camping, taking a hike on nearby trails is a great way to explore the terrain and get immersed in nature. But a hike into the unknown takes a little preparation to ensure a safe and fun experience.The Mountaineers organization of expert hikers created a list of ten essential categories...

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Top Outdoor Activities to Experience in Green River, Utah


If you are looking for a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Utah, Green River is the perfect destination for you! With its picturesque surroundings and a myriad of recreational opportunities, Green River offers a wealth of outdoor activities that are sure to satisfy any adventurer's cravings. From...

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8 Tips for Avoiding Summer Crowds at National Parks


With more people looking to get outside in the summer months, America’s national parks can feel a little too much like amusement parks rather than wilderness escapes. Hit a popular park on a weekend, and it’s not uncommon to see long bus lines, queues of visitors cramming popular trails, and even...

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Arches National Park Timed Entry Reservation System for 2023


Are you planning to visit Arches National Park between April 1 and October 31, 2023? With over 2,000 sandstone arches and formations like Balanced Rock, Arches National Park welcomes hundreds of tourists daily.Due to the large amount of traffic, the park has a Pilot Timed Entry Reservation System...

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2022 KOA Founder's Award


We'd like to thank all our campers for sharing their experiences with us and for taking the time to complete the surveys we send out after each of your visits, both good and bad.  We appreciate all feedback and we take your comments to heart.  In fact, since taking over ownership in May 2018, we...

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First Aid Must-Haves When Camping


Few things beat camping in nature, especially at Green River — Utah's Waypoint to the Wild. A crucial element of enjoying camping is being prepared, which means having a first aid kit. In this blog, we'll cover the first aid must-haves when camping, ensuring you're equipped to handle any minor...

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RV rentals now available at Green River KOA


Through our partnership with RVshare, we are excited to offer RV rentals at the Green River KOA. Choose an RV for your trip, and it will be delivered right to your campsite at the campground!Click this link to the RVshare website, and find a local RV that's perfect for your trip!

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A Guide for Glamping in the Great Outdoors


Have you ever wanted to enjoy the wonders of the great outdoors without sacrificing your favorite creature comforts? If so, you might enjoy glamping. Glamping takes camping to another level, allowing you to partake in all the outdoor adventures you want while still being able to end the day in a...

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Off Season Water


Beginning November 1st, we will be shutting off water to our camp sites due to freezing temperatures.  Water is available year round outside the office, so you can fill your tanks before setting up at your site.  In March, we will turn water back on to the rest of the campground.

Pet-Friendly Activities in Green River, Utah


If you are interested in bringing your pet along on your travels, there are many dog-friendly things to do near Green River, Utah. From taking in scenic views to trying new and delicious foods, there are endless opportunities to explore and have fun with your canine friend by your side. Hit the...

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Your Guide to Vacationing in Green River, Utah


Green River KOA Journey puts you in the perfect location to check off many of Green River's most popular attractions. We are located in the heart of Green River, just under an hour from Moab and right off I-70, making it easy to explore the region and return to a peaceful campsite to relax and...

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Things to Do in Green River, Utah


Nestled in eastern Utah, Green River is charming town that offers a wide range of activities and sights to keep you busy all day long. If you're planning a visit to this captivating destination and seeking the best activities to fill your days with, look no further. In this blog, we'll be your guide...

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Visiting a National Park in Utah this year?


One of the best parts of Utah is the National & State Parks we have so close to each other.  When visiting any of our amazing National Parks, there are some VERY important things to remember to do and NOT to do.  Read this blog post here provides some good guidance on how to make the most of your...

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Roadside Attractions along I-70


When traveling between Green River and Richfield, UT take time to enjoy the final western stretch of I-70 which has spectacular free roadside attractions.  Stop, take pictures, stretch your legs, use the convenient restrooms, and take short hikes to sprawling vistas and picnic tables overlooking...

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National Park Service Implements Reservation System


Please check with the National Park Service prior to planning your trip to ensure you can make a reservation (if required).  Here is more information about the recent changes.