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How to Camp in Your Car


How to Camp in Your CarReserveAmerica, Fri Oct 7 2022Car camping has its advantages over traditional tent camping or backpacking. Sleeping in the car provides additional protection from the elements and may be more comfortable compared to snoozing on a tent floor. You can also usually pack more...

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The Physical Benefits of Camping


The Physical Benefits of CampingA recent survey reported that more North Americans are discovering the benefits of camping and spending time outdoors. According to the 2020 North American Camping Report, there are more than 94.5 million camper households throughout North America. In the United...

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Best Hiking Trails in and Around Gettysburg


Gettysburg is a beautiful area with some incredible nearby hiking trails. Gettysburg hiking allows you to experience the battlefield up close, and exciting trails near Gettysburg offer various difficulty levels for hikers of all ages and abilities. This area is the perfect place to enjoy the great...

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The Best Ways to Tour Gettysburg


Gettysburg is a popular travel destination for visitors worldwide due to its captivating history and gorgeous scenic views. You can travel back in time when you visit Gettysburg to learn about its importance in the Civil War and walk on the land where significant battles took place. If you are...

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Camping Essentials


The idea of camping can intimidate some people. But the truth is, camping is not only one of the easiest outdoor activities to do, but it’s also one of the most widely loved. Its simple charms are addictive: crackling fires, fresh air, the exchange of stories with close friends, and all the s’mores...

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Your definitive guide to camping etiquette


Nothing can put the kibosh on a fun camping trip faster than sharing your outing with obnoxious neighbors.If you’ve been camping more than a handful of times, you’re likely to have a story or two about loud, oblivious campers who just didn’t seem to have a clue about the common “rules” of camping...

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