The Best Ways to Tour Gettysburg

The Best Ways to Tour Gettysburg

Gettysburg is a popular travel destination for visitors worldwide due to its captivating history and gorgeous scenic views. You can travel back in time when you visit Gettysburg to learn about its importance in the Civil War and walk on the land where significant battles took place. 

If you are wondering how to see the Gettysburg battlefield, you will find there are plenty of fun, unique and authentic ways to tour this incredible destination.

Gettysburg Battlefield

Settlers founded Gettysburg in 1786, and the battle that took place in 1863 served as a significant turning point in the Civil War. The battle of Gettysburg only lasted three days, but its events impacted the Civil War, its soldiers and Gettysburg's community so much that it has become a famous historical destination. 

When you visit Gettysburg, you can learn about the past and experience what life was like during the Civil War. Explore this beautiful and fascinating town to learn more about the war's history while enjoying scenic views and a fun time with friends or family. 

Fun Ways to Tour Gettysburg

There is so much to learn around every corner of Gettysburg. If you are wondering how to tour the Gettysburg battlefield, you will find various options offering fun transportation and knowledgeable guides. To enjoy a fun Gettysburg adventure, you can tour the town and battlefield in the following ways:

Self-Led Walking or Driving Tour

If you enjoy learning and exploring at your own pace, a self-led tour through Gettysburg is a fantastic way to experience the park's history. We have self-guided tours available in the form of downloadable apps and CDs, so you can play and pause your audio guide to fit your schedule. Enjoy a professionally narrated tour as you walk or drive your way around the battlefield and learn about various events that took place during the Civil War in Gettysburg. 

Whether you download the museum's app or purchase a CD and tour book, you are sure to have a grand adventure and increase your Civil War knowledge. Let the app guide you to the battlefield's most fascinating sites, and simply pause the tour when you want to enjoy extra time at your favorite spots.

Bus Tour

Buses are one of the primary ways that visitors tour Gettysburg and the battlefield. You are able to visit the National Park Visitors Center and view their incredible cyclorama, film and you're also able to book a bus tour. Another popular option would be getting tickets for a bus tour with the Gettysburg Tour Center that takes you through some of Gettysburg's greatest attractions and museums in an enclosed air-conditioned or open-air double-decker bus. These open-air tours are perfect for families with kids that want to add something exciting to the tour or for anyone that wants a different perspective. We sell tickets for the Gettysburg Tour Center bus tours at the campground store, but you are also able to get them at most Gettysburg hotels, motels, and other accommodations. 

Bicycle Tour

Enjoy a day full of history, sunshine, fun and exercise on a Gettysburg bicycle tour. With two wheels under your feet and the wind in your hair, you can cycle through Gettysburg on a fun, environmentally-friendly adventure through history. Gettysbike Tours offers various cycling options, so you can rent a bike and explore the park on your own or schedule a guided bicycle tour. 

When you schedule a guided tour, a licensed guide will lead you through the park and teach you about Gettysburg's past as you pedal through the Civil War's history. Gettysbike Tour's Grand Tour will lead you from Seminary Ridge to the Confederate and Union lines as you visit sites such as Devil's Den, the Wheatfield, the Angle, the Peach Orchard and Little Round Top. The Historian Tour covers most of the battle's major events and leads you to famous sites across 16-20 miles of the park.

Segway Tours

Another unique way to tour the battlefield on two wheels is by segway. Segway Tours of Gettysburg offers fun and educational excursions through the park's most interesting locations. Stand on two wheels and glide your way through Gettysburg on a segway that's both easy and fun to ride. Have a blast coasting to historical sites while a licensed battlefield guide provides fun facts and fascinating history about the battlefield's past.

Park Ranger Programs

Gettysburg National Park's park rangers are knowledgeable and passionate about the area's history. A park ranger can offer incredible insight and fun facts about the Civil War, and they can answer any questions you might have as you explore Gettysburg. You can join daily ranger-led talks, walks and hikes to learn about different areas in the park. 

Rangers will lead you along paths and stop at various historically significant spots so you can walk in the footsteps of Civil War soldiers while learning what life was like during the war. Ranger-led tours are fantastic opportunities to experience Gettysburg's history.

Horse-Drawn Carriage and Horseback Riding Tours

Tour Gettysburg on horseback to experience an authentic Civil War transportation mode. Ride across the battlefield on a beautiful horse and learn fascinating details about Gettysburg's battles, the soldiers' lives and famous battlefield sites. Horse Tours of Gettysburg offers fun horseback adventures that will take you back in time for an authentic Civil War experience.

If you want to experience an authentic Civil War transportation mode without riding a horse, you can also enjoy a relaxing horse-drawn carriage tour. A carriage tour travels slowly and can fit up to 10 people, so it's a fantastic option if you want to savor each moment and soak up Gettysburg's beautiful scenery.

Spooky Tours

If you enjoy frights and thrills, touring Gettysburg on a fun ghost tour is a fascinating way to have a little fun with the area's history. Learn the history of various Civil War sites, buildings, houses and the spirits believed to haunt them.

Knowledgeable tour guides will educate you about the Civil War's history while mixing in some fun ghost tales to please the imagination. Whether or not the spirits truly haunt the battlefield is up to you, but you will surely have an exciting time on one of Gettysburg's fascinating ghost tours.

Explore the famous Farnsworth House Inn, learn about its history and try to see if you can spot any lingering spirits with Sleepy Hollow Ghost Tours. Sleepy Hollow also offers walking ghost tours to explore Gettysburg's streets and cemeteries.

Make Sure You Visit the Best Things to See in Gettysburg

Gettysburg is full of fascinating history everywhere you turn, but make sure you see the following famous sites and landmarks before you leave:

  • Devil's Den: Devil's Den geology played a significant role in the Civil War. This collection of boulders provided coverage for soldiers when they could not entrench themselves in the area's soil. (Currently closed for a rehabilitation project through September 2022)
  • Little Round Top: Union soldiers gained an advantage when they ascended and claimed Little Round Top. When you visit this site, you can enjoy interesting history, beautiful views and the 91st Pennsylvania monument. (Currently closed for an 18-month rehabilitation project)
  • The Peach Orchard: The Peach Orchard is where Union soldiers extended from Devil's Den before reaching Emmitsburg Road.
  • Culp's Hill: Union Troops occupied Culp's Hill during the entire Gettysburg battle.
  • High Water Mark: Visit the High Water Mark of the Rebellion Monument to see where Pickett's Charge took place.

Stay at Kampgrounds of America Gettysburg

The best way to see the Gettysburg battlefield depends on your activity level and interests. You may want to take a leisurely carriage ride through the battlefield or coast to the top historical sites on a segway. If you're feeling adventurous, you may enjoy touring on horseback for a truly authentic experience. 

No matter how you choose to see the Gettysburg battlefield, you can explore one of America's most famous historical destinations while staying at Kampgrounds of America. When you stay at Gettysburg/Battlefield KOA Holiday, you can spend the day touring the battlefields and end your evening around a cozy campfire. 

KOA offers convenient amenities and fun recreational activities for all ages to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Book a stay at KOA to start your Gettysburg adventures!

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