Best Hiking Trails in and Around Gettysburg

Best Hiking Trails in and Around Gettysburg

Gettysburg is a beautiful area with some incredible nearby hiking trails. Gettysburg hiking allows you to experience the battlefield up close, and exciting trails near Gettysburg offer various difficulty levels for hikers of all ages and abilities. This area is the perfect place to enjoy the great outdoors. 

Best Hiking Trails Around Gettysburg

Hiking in Gettysburg, PA, is a fantastic way to experience the area's beautiful scenery and find out what it must have been like to walk the battlefield in the Civil War. Plenty of hikes near Gettysburg also offer opportunities to learn as you explore. Whether you hike a section of the famous Appalachian Trail or enjoy some smaller trails with incredible views, you can find some of the best hiking trails in and around Gettysburg.

Big Round Top Trail

The Big Round Top Trail is a .6-mile path in the Gettysburg National Military Park that takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. This is a great trail to visit if you are looking for a leisurely and educational stroll. On this trail, you can enjoy the beauty of the National Military Park and stop to marvel at some Union regimental monuments honoring soldiers in the Civil War. 

After walking the path and checking out the monuments, you can make your way to Little Round Top for some fantastic battlefield views. Little Round Top overlooks the part of the battlefield where the Confederates formed their line on the Battle of Gettysburg's second day, and it's the location where the Union Army ascended with an advantage and overpowered the Confederate troops. 

Below Little Round Top, you can explore the battlefield's coolest feature, Devil's Den. This fascinating spot consists of massive boulders that soldiers used for strategic defense and cover during the second day of battle. You can stand on and meander through these incredible formations and imagine what it felt like to be a soldier in the Civil War. Visiting Little Round Top and Devil's Den is a perfect way to explore the battlefield after walking the Big Round Top Trail. 

Woodland Ecology Trail

The Woodland Ecology Trail at Kings Gap Environmental Education Center is an easy .6-mile hike offering the opportunity to learn more about the great outdoors. This trail features signs that educate hikers about the plants and forest ecology found along the way. As you walk along the trail's mossy floor, you can learn how to identify various plants and find out more about the roles they play in the forest. 

Scenic Vista Trail

Kings Gap also features the Scenic Vista Trail, a more challenging hike that leads through 2.5 miles of forest area between the Kings Gap Hollow Days Use Area and the Scenic Vista parking area. You can enjoy Kings Gap's gorgeous wooded area on this trail and stop to take in the incredible view at the trail's mid-way scenic vista. 

Appalachian Trail

You can hike part of the Appalachian Trail while visiting Gettysburg. Nearby parks such as Pine Grove Furnace State Park and Caledonia State Park feature Appalachian Trail access points. If you hike at Pine Grove Furnace, you can visit the fascinating Appalachian Trail Museum, a historic building featuring exhibits, artifacts and presentations about the trail's history dating back to when it was founded in 1921. 

The section of the Appalachian Trail that stretches between South Mountain and Pine Grove Furnace State Park is 7.9 miles and takes approximately three and a half hours to complete. However, you can also hike smaller sections of this trail if you would prefer a leisurely walk. 

Caledonia State Park Trails

About 1.8 miles of the Appalachian Trail runs through Caledonia State Park, and Caledonia is also home to a wide variety of easy and challenging trails to explore. When you hike the 2.7-mile Charcoal Hearth Trail, you will find a rugged path and steep climb that descends gradually before leading you to a peaceful stream. The easier Ramble Trail is a delightful path that takes you through the park's scenic lowlands and past the rolling mill falls.

The Midland Trail is another easy hiking path that leads you through a beautiful and peaceful section of the park. The Thaddeus Stevens Historic Trail offers the opportunity to explore Caledonia's blacksmith history. These trails are all within the state park, along with beautiful picnic areas and a recreational pool, so it's a great place to spend a day.

Northern Peaks Trail

The Northern Peaks Trail is a 7.7-mile trail in Dickerson, Maryland, that leads to the Mountain Loop Trail. It has a moderate challenge level, so it is perfect if you are looking for a mild adventure. This trail is in an area that is popular for walking, running and hiking, so you might encounter some friendly faces along the way. If you plan to hike the entire trail, give yourself approximately four hours to complete it. 

Chimney Rock Trail

The Chimney Rock Trail is a popular loop in Catoctin Mountain Park near Thurmont, Maryland. This four-mile trail is moderately challenging and perfect for hikers seeking a fun adventure. 

The trail features some rocky and uneven terrain and leads to a mountain ridgeline where you can visit Chimney Rock and Wolf Rock. These vistas offer beautiful views, and Wolf Rock features an incredible rock formation to explore. This is a perfect spot to stop and enjoy a picnic lunch or take in the sights. This fun hike takes approximately two to four hours to complete.

Thurmont Vista Loop Trail

Catoctin Mountain Park is also home to the Thurmont Vista Loop Trail. This 2.4-mile loop is moderately challenging and features some rocky areas with a slight incline. You can expect to complete this trail in one to two hours. The Thurmont Vista Loop Trail is perfect if you are looking for an adventurous hike in a gorgeous area. 

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