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Top Reasons to Buy a Vintage Camper

March 17, 2017

Add a bit of nostalgia to your camping adventures with a vintage camper or travel trailer.

Modern RVs are jam packed full of high-tech features and luxurious accommodations for riders to enjoy. There is no arguing that they are beautiful machines and a great way to experience the open road. However, RVs have been around for a long time, and some of the vintage RV campers of years past still look great today. They may not have a flat screen TV that rises out of a counter top like something out of Star Trek, but their understated classic styling still offers relaxation and fun while driving to your favorite summer camping destination.

Vintage Trailer

Save Money

If you are in the market for a new way to camp and are budget-minded, you may want to consider a vintage RV camper. They are usually less expensive, and will also turn heads at every RV park or campsite you visit.

DIY Opportunities

Vintage RV campers are also great for anyone who enjoys DIY and restoration projects. Buying a rundown old camper and putting extra time and work into restoring it, so you can make it exactly into what you want is a great way to get some extra satisfaction when you go camping in your vintage camper. So don’t let that musty or rundown old camper for sale go unnoticed. It could just be exactly what you are looking for underneath that rough exterior!

Vintage Trailer Rally

They’re Charming

While a vintage RV camper wouldn’t often be described as ‘spacious’ or ‘luxurious,’ they definitely fit the bill as both quaint and cozy. Instead of feeling like you’re sleeping in a hotel room on wheels, vintage RV campers will give you a charming, more authentic camping experience. It may also bring back fond memories if you grew up with the family hauling around the old Shasta or Airstream camper.

South Bend KOA Vintage Trailer Rally

But If You Want Something Lighter

If you don’t want to tow your vintage RV camper or simply don’t have a vehicle capable of performing such a feat (it might actually be an unwritten rule that you can’t tow a vintage camper without an old wood-sided station wagon), then an old VW bus might be perfect for you. While perhaps not technically a camper, the VW bus actually makes for a pretty great camping vehicle. A VW bus, a couple lawn chairs, a campfire and good company can make for a very memorable evening.

Vintage RV campers may be overshadowed by modern models, but RV campers with a little more character can be even more fun for just a fraction of the price. Check out your local classifieds and see what’s available in your area. Your next camping vehicle might be just around the corner!

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Top Reasons to Buy a Vintage Camper




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