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Six Tips for Choosing a Good RV Mechanic or Repair Shop

June 14, 2021

Six Tips for Choosing a Good RV Mechanic

Nothing is quite like hitting the open road in your RV. The freedom and adventure as you set out. The sense that anything is possible and that the whole country is your personal playground. That is, until an issue arises with your RV. Whether you’re in need of a simple inspection or there’s a more pressing repair that needs to be addressed — it may be time to call an RV mechanic. However, finding a good RV mechanic is a bit trickier than choosing a run-of-the-mill auto repair shop.

Some lucky few have the personal know-how to address any issues that crop up when their RV starts sputtering, but most people need to turn to a qualified mechanic who knows their way around a recreational vehicle. This can be hard if you find yourself in an unfamiliar place.

In this post, we provide six tips to help you choose a good mechanic to work on your RV, even if you’re far from home.

1. Look for Quality Work and Good Reviews

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Although this old adage generally applies to people, it’s a good motto for repair shops, as well. Even a tiny RV service shop can provide you with quality work. If you don’t know the area, search online for the “best RV repair near me.” You’ll be able to read reviews and see what locals say about each business. From tiny garages to big dealerships, quality work and service are all that matter.

2. Be Sure They Have Ample Experience

Just because an auto repair shop knows a lot about cars, that doesn’t qualify them to work on RVs. Recreational vehicles are a whole other beast, with their own inner workings. Even if it costs a bit more to find a maintenance specialist who knows the ins and outs of working on your rig, it’s better than trusting an inexperienced mechanic and paying for it in the long run.

3. Inspect Their Equipment

One way to determine if a mechanic is truly RV savvy is to find out if their shop has the right equipment for addressing repairs specific to your rig. RVs are huge, many the size of small homes on wheels. Which means they need specialized equipment to keep them running. Two such industry tools are:

  • Three-Dimensional Frame Measuring Machine: Allows mechanics to diagnose required repairs, including any major issues with the rig’s frame.
  • Squeeze-Type Resistance Spot Welding: With this, a mechanic can reproduce a manufacturer’s original welds.

4. Ask About a Warranty

RV repairs are often more costly than regular automobiles, making it that much more crucial to find a shop that stands behind their work. Finding an RV mechanic who offers warranties on all their repairs is a good sign that you can have confidence in their skills and that you’ve made the right choice.

5. Go to a Certified Repair Shop

Serious RV mechanics back up their skills by becoming certified. A repair shop can earn multiple certifications from reputable institutions that prove they are up to date on the latest techniques and have an in-depth understanding of how to fix collision repairs and mechanical malfunctions. Before entrusting a repair shop with your RV, ask them about their certifications.

6. Turn to the RV Community

If you run into trouble on the road, you’re not going to know the best service centers and repair shops in town. Luckily, when you own an RV, you’re a member of a friendly community of recreational vehicle lovers happy to lend advice and point out the most reputable mechanics.

Hit up an online RVing message board or ask around the KOA campground when you pull into one of our RV Sites. Your fellow RVers may be able to help point you in the right direction of a high-quality RV mechanic.

Six tips to help you choose a good mechanic to work on your RV, even if you're far from home. #RV #RVing #GoRVing

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