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Top Gear and Services for RVers

February 10, 2017

Planning on hitting the road a lot this year? Check out our list of must-have items for RVers.

Whether your a full-time RVer or enjoy a few trips a year, it’s important to have the right gear and services to make the most of life on the road. Below we share some of our favorite RV gear and services that make owning an RV even more enjoyable. With this little, and a little shopping, you’ll more than ready to hit the road and head out for a summer of camping at your favorite KOAs.

Mobile Hotspot

Though it is somewhat sad, it is true: the majority of us rely upon the internet in some shape or form on a daily basis. And this doesn’t change just because you’re on vacation. You will likely still need access to your email, still need the ability to search the internet for activities in the areas you will be traveling to, still need means to communicate with people back home, and more. Thus, having access to a mobile hotspot is definitely a must for your RV trip.

One great option is to use your smartphone as your mobile hotspot. It is fairly easy to set up and provides you access to the internet on your tablet or computer.

You can also purchase a portable wireless router that you can connect to your computer. Cell phone providers offer different monthly usage plans you will need to purchase along with your router, so contact your cell phone company for more information on plan options.

Cell Phone Signal Booster

Many of us go on a road trip to get a break from cell phones, but there are times when you may need cell service. If you are planning to go through some areas where cell service is a bit iffy, consider purchasing a signal booster prior to leaving on your RV trip. There is a variety of sizes, coverage areas, signal strength, and antennas when it comes to signal boosters, so do some research to find out what type of booster will give you what you are looking for.

Instant Pot

What happens when a slow cooker meets a pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer and more? You get the Instant Pot. This convenient, multi-use appliance is a saving grace while traveling in your RV. Not only does it save space, it also saves you from having to spend precious vacation time cooking by speeding up cooking time from two to six times. It’s also a great way to save money you may be tempted to spend eating out on the road. The Instant Pot is also incredibly energy efficient (perfect for RVs) and made of stainless steel for a long-lasting life. RVers swear upon this device for cooking while traveling, and we certainly understand why!

KOA RV Road Help

If there’s one thing you can be certain of on long road trips, it’s that the unexpected will probably happen. Imagine being stuck on a long stretch of highway in need of a tow – this is when you need KOA RV Road Help. A part of the Allstate Motor Club, be a member means 24-hour emergency service covering everything from tire changes to fuel delivery. You’ll also have access to a $1,500 Trip Interruption Benefit, information to help you plan your travel and money saving discounts. Even better? KOA Rewards campers save even more off membership. You’ll not only be prepared, but save money too!

Memory Foam Mattress

If you are someone who spends a lot of time traveling in your RV, it may be worth your while to invest in a quality mattress such as a memory foam mattress. In order to get the best out of your vacation, you will need to be sleeping well at night and that can often be hard on the mattresses that come with your RV. Just make sure you measure the bed before purchasing your mattress.

Solar Charger

Using the sun to charge your devices is a great thing to take advantage of while out on the road. Be eco-friendly while saving yourself the hassle of using a generator for every little thing!

KOA  Rewards

Discount RV camping memberships or loyalty programs can take your RVing to the next level with the opportunity to save on every trip. With a KOARewards, you save 10% every time you camp at a KOA campground! In addition, you’ll also earn valuable points each with each stay that can later be redeemed for additional camping savings. You’ll also love the built in coupon savings that give you access to discounts nationwide on dining, recreation retail and more – a must for anyone on the road. These benefits and more make KOA Rewards a necessary item for the RVer.

There is so much fun to be had out on the road in your RV. To guarantee that your trip is as enjoyable as possible, be sure to regularly service your RV and check that everything is set before heading out. And to bring even more fun, comfort, and convenience to your RV trip, consider some of the gear mentioned above to give your trip that extra boost of enjoyment. By using KOA’s fabulous features and services to plan your dream RV trip, we guarantee it will be filled with gorgeous sight-seeing and wonderful KOA amenities all along the way!

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Top Gear and Service for RVers - You need these must have items for your RV.



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