Fun for Kids: A Nature-Themed Scavenger Hunt


When it’s just you and the kids out in nature — far from TV and other distracting electronics — the opportunities to get creative are endless. One game we love is a new twist on an old favorite: Hide-and-Seek with nature. It doesn’t require much equipment and it’s a whole lot of fun. Here’s how to play.

Create a list of things to find. Give each player a copy of the list, a pencil and pad of paper. Instead of collecting the items, make a drawing of each one. Leave only footprints behind so that others may enjoy the beauty.

Following are examples of some items that can be found around your campsite or on the hiking trail:

  • Three different kinds of trees and their differently-shaped leaves
  • Three different insects
  • Three different rocks
  • Three different wildflowers
  • Three different seashells (if on the beach)


In searching for three of each item, players improve their observation skills and learn to appreciate the tremendous variety found in nature. Adapt the list to your local surroundings — and be creative. Anyone who comes back to camp with drawings of everything on the list wins an extra roasted marshmallow!


Need more ideas?  Check out this Pinterest board dedicated to Nature Scavenger Hunts!