Top 8 Best Books for Vacation Traveling

February 8, 2022

Books for Vacation

Traveling is the best time to indulge in a great book. The best vacation books for your next trip depend on your interests. You may crave a great inspirational adventure story or prefer to get lost in a sweet love story. You might be planning to read a chilling suspense novel around the campfire, or maybe you want to tap into your emotions with a touching tear-jerker.

Whether you prefer adventure, romance, comedy, inspiration or emotion, we compiled a list of incredibly good books to read on vacation.

Suspenseful Thrillers

Sometimes an exciting novel is just what you need to unwind as you travel and take time away from your regular mundane schedule. If you enjoy page-turning books that are almost impossible to put down, you will love the following suspenseful thrillers:

In the Woods

If you enjoy reading chilling stories around the campfire, In the Woods by Tana French is perfect for your next trip. This suspenseful drama set in a small Dublin suburb follows detective Rob Ryan and his partner as they investigate the murder of a twelve-year-old girl. This unsettling case is similar to an unsolved murder that occurred twenty years previously and forces detective Ryan to unearth his own secret past.

The Counselors

The Counselors by Jessica Goodman is the perfect summer page-turner. Full of suspense, lies, betrayals and secrets, this novel is about a teen’s death that occurs at a small-town summer camp and the camp counselor who knows it wasn’t an accident.

Goldie Easton grew up in Roxwood, and she’s looking forward to working as a camp counselor with her friends at the one place she’s always felt safe. However, her summer is turned upside down when she starts to discover her friend may know more about the teen’s death than she’s admitting. Goldie must face hidden dangers as she tries to protect her own dark secret in this suspenseful thriller.

Inspirational Narratives

Traveling is the perfect time to do a little soul-searching and find inspiration in others’ stories. If you enjoy stories full of adventure and overcoming obstacles, you will like the following inspirational adventure memoirs:


If you enjoy adventurous soul-searching narratives, you will enjoy the New York Times bestseller Wild by Cheryl Strayed. This memoir details the lessons Cheryl Strayed learned on her solo trek over a thousand miles of the Pacific Crest Trail.

Her voice is full of style, suspense and humor as she recounts the maddening experience that ultimately strengthened and healed her after enduring her mother’s death and a crumbling marriage. This narrative of extreme hiking forced Strayed to learn and gain inspiration about the wilderness and herself.

Beyond Possible

Beyond Possible by Nims Purja is a memoir detailing Purja’s summit of fourteen 8,000-meter “Death Zone” peaks around the world. He accomplished this amazing feat in less than seven months, and he credits his success to his time as a soldier in Britain’s SBS units and elite Gurkha.

In this memoir, Purja focuses on how integrity, collaboration and leadership can push people to achieve what others deem impossible. This book will enthrall you if you enjoy profound, inspirational stories.

Romantic Love Stories

Sometimes a sweet love story is a perfect addition to your vacation. If you enjoy books full of romance and comedy, check out the following books to read on vacation:

Weather Girl

Weather Girl by Rachel Lynn Solomon is a sweet story about a sports reporter and meteorologist who strategize to bring their divorced bosses back together. Ari Abrams’ boss is too distracted by her divorce to offer Ari the mentorship she desires, so she works with the kind sports reporter, Russell Barringer, to fix their bosses’ strained relationship.

In their schemes of double dates and secret gifts to reunite the couple, Ari and Russell unexpectedly ignite a spark between each other.

Something Wilder

If you can’t decide between adventure and romance, Something Wilder by Christina Lauren is the book for you. Lily Wilder is the daughter of a notorious treasure hunter. She uses her absentee father’s hand-drawn maps to earn money guiding tourists through Utah’s red rock canyons on fake treasure hunts. When the man she once loved books a tour with a group of friends, she is tempted to leave him in the wilderness.

While Lily has no interest in reconnecting, Leo desires to rekindle their love. The trip goes hilariously wrong and leaves Lily, Leo and his friends wondering if the hidden treasure legend is more than a gimmick. If Lily and Leo can work together, they might be able to right the wrongs of her father’s past and their own. This novel will take you on an adventure full of dangerous canyonlands, a complicated relationship and the magnificence of the American Southwest.

Emotional Tear-Jerkers

Shedding a few tears while traveling can be good for the soul. If you enjoy sentimental stories that pull on your heartstrings, consider the following books:

One Italian Summer

One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle is an emotional novel about a mother-daughter trip interrupted by an unexpected death. In this story, Katy plans a vacation to Positano with her mother, who dies before they get to take the trip, forcing her to take the trip alone.

While she’s there, she encounters her mother as a 30-year-old and gets to know her as the young woman she was before she was her mother. This sentimental novel about a mother-daughter relationship is sure to tug on your heartstrings.

The House We Grew Up In

The House We Grew Up Inby Lisa Jewell follows a free-spirited woman, Lorelai, and her family as they endure a devastating tragedy that begins to tear their family apart. As the children become adults, Lorelai becomes a hoarder and alienates her loved ones until something brings the family back to the home they grew up in.

The family discovers hidden secrets and finally begins to understand the tragic events that unfolded so many years ago. Read this novel for a story full of family dynamics, insight, compelling characters, tragedy and healing.

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