Santa Cruz / Monterey Bay KOA Holiday Campground Blog

Get reimbursed if it rains during your stay!


Give yourself peace of mind knowing you’ll be proactively reimbursed if rain [or heat] impacts your stay/experience. Through our partnership with Sensible Weather, the leading provider of weather protection in the travel and hospitality space, you can add a Weather Guarantee to your booking that...

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Cable & Local TV Channel Guide


Catching up on tv shows or want to watch some movies while enjoying some downtime at the campground? Here’s our Cable/Local TV list for reference.

The Local's Guide to the Historical Gems of Santa Cruz


Dive into the fascinating history of Santa Cruz and discover the unique camping opportunities available at Santa Cruz / Monterey Bay KOA Holiday. Adventure to various historical landmarks, attractions and activities within and around the area and enjoy exploring everything Santa Cruz County has to...

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Riding the Waves in Santa Cruz


When you think of Santa Cruz, you likely think of sunshine, beaches and surfing. Dubbed by many as Surf City, Santa Cruz is undoubtedly one of the most incredible places to surf on Earth. When planning your next beach camping trip at Santa Cruz / Monterey Bay KOA Holiday, you will want to know where...

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Exploring the Natural Wonders of Santa Cruz


When you think of Santa Cruz, California, you may picture white sand beaches and catching the waves on your surfboard. This charming city, however, is also full of natural attractions that allow you to immerse yourself in the beauty and stillness of nature.Top Nature Places in Santa Cruz to...

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Make Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay KOA Holiday Your Family Getaway


Welcome to Santa Cruz, a city that combines the perfect blend of natural beauty and urban excitement. Here, nature lovers can find their bliss, and visitors can create lifelong memories with every step. Whether you want to watch whales and dolphins dance in the water at the Monterey Bay National...

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Summer Guide to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk


Santa Cruz is home to a century-old oceanfront boardwalk filled with endless activities to make the most of your family's summer vacation. Walk along the boardwalk, enjoy tasty treats and experience the best of the California Coast beneath the shining sun. Thrilling EntertainmentWhether you want to...

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Best Sweet Treats in Santa Cruz


When you're on vacation and enjoying the sunny beaches along the California coast, you want to know exactly where to go when the craving for sweets hits.Anyone with a sweet tooth knows how exciting it can be to discover a good bakery that makes cookies, pastries and other items with the perfect...

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Winter Activities in Santa Cruz


Santa Cruz is a perfect beach destination for families looking to escape the winter chill. This California city offers warm weather and sunny beaches where you can relax outside even during the winter. Here are some of the top winter activities to do in Santa Cruz. Things to Do in Santa Cruz in...

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Pitch a Tent at These 18 Bay Area Camping Spots


Red Tricycle offers another summary of California's best spots to set up camp. 

Explore all the tent camping locations the Bay Area has to offer!

9 Amazing & Cheap Summer Getaways


From Charleston, SC to Scottsdale, AZ this thorough guide by Parade points out unique places to stay for a reasonable price across the nation. Discover why Santa Cruz KOA made the list!Read More

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27 Luxury Camping Adventures


Make even the least outdoorsy individual into a camper with these 27 Luxury Camping Adventures. 

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KOA Glamping Getaway


Have you camped in our NEW Patio Glamping Cabins? Featuring a Queen bed, coffee bar and personal patio, our Glamping Cabins are the perfect option to get away from it all. See what NBC Bay Area Had to Say

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Winter Wildlife Viewing in Santa Cruz


Santa Cruz is a bustling winter destination for more than just people. Creatures from miles away migrate to the region for a warm winter breeding ground. Local animals often become more active during the season, too. If you plan to visit Santa Cruz, here is a glimpse of some Santa Cruz wildlife you...

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The Ultimate Foodie's Guide to Santa Cruz


Santa Cruz is known for its beautiful beaches and redwood-covered mountains. However, if your ideal way to experience a destination is through a culinary adventure, this foodie's guide to Santa Cruz is for you. Best Restaurants in Santa CruzWith a range of restaurants to choose from, where do you...

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What To Do in Santa Cruz


Enjoy the sun in Santa Cruz while spending time with your family or friends. This California beach town has many attractions that locals and visitors alike can experience. Learn about some of the Santa Cruz attractions to start planning your trip.Fun Santa Cruz Attractions and ActivitiesYou can have...

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Kid-Friendly Fun in Santa Cruz


Santa Cruz is a magical place filled with art, culture and natural beauty. Most people do not know that it is also filled with kid-friendly fun. You can let your hair down in “Surf City” and explore with your family. With beautiful beaches, countless activities and kid-friendly campgrounds, Santa...

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Beach Camping Tips


Imagine making the short, 15-minute trek to Manresa State Beach from your campsite at Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay KOA Holiday with the warm sun on your back. You cannot wait to relax on the sand and get your tan on while the kids roam and play in the water — but did you pack everything you need so that...

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Glamping vs Primitive Camping


Glamping vs. Primitive CampingEnjoying a getaway in the great outdoors is relaxing, fun and exciting no matter how you camp. While primitive camping and glamping both allow people to enjoy being outdoors, building campfires and exploring, some campers prefer one camping style over the other. Some...

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Camping with Kids


Read about the best places to stay in the Bay Area when camping with little kids. This is a nice overview of the pros and cons of each campground.

Plan a Perfect Spring Break in Santa Cruz


Don’t let the pressure of picking the perfect Spring Break destination wear you down, we’ve got you covered. Check out these top reasons that make Santa Cruz / Monterey Bay KOA your perfect basecamp for a Spring Break you won’t regret!1. Sun, Surf & ShopsBring your sunglasses to the sunshine state...

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