Glamping vs Primitive Camping

Glamping vs Primitive Camping

Glamping vs. Primitive Camping

Enjoying a getaway in the great outdoors is relaxing, fun and exciting no matter how you camp. While primitive camping and glamping both allow people to enjoy being outdoors, building campfires and exploring, some campers prefer one camping style over the other. Some people enjoy traditional camping because it offers the full camping experience, while others prefer glamping because it offers extra conveniences and comfort.

Difference Between Primitive Camping and Glamping

Glamping is a more modern camping alternative to traditional primitive camping. Both camping options allow you to enjoy the great outdoors, but glamping offers more amenities than primitive camping does. Before deciding which camping option is right for you, consider the following differences between glamping and primitive camping:


Choosing between primitive camping and glamping will depend on your shelter preferences. You may feel more comfortable surrounded by four sturdy walls and a roof, or you may prefer the cozy feel of sleeping in a tent. While camping in tents is a traditional favorite among many campers, glamping offers more comfort when it comes to shelter. Cabins provide more shelter from occasional inconveniences such as rain, bugs and hot or cold temperatures.

Sleeping Arrangements

Consider how you prefer to sleep before choosing between primitive camping and glamping. Whether you take a sleeping bag, air mattress or cot, camping in a tent means you will be sleeping fairly close to the ground. Many campers can get a great night's sleep in a sleeping bag or a small air mattress. You might choose glamping over primitive camping if you want to sleep on a comfortable bed similar to the one you use at home.


Cooking over a campfire is a fun way to enjoy meals and snacks with family. Whether you are roasting marshmallows or grilling steaks, using a campfire is a fun and classic way to prepare food while camping. Primitive camping and glamping both allow you to enjoy cooking over a cozy campfire, but glamping comes with some additional food preparation options.

Glamping allows you to take a break from campfire cooking when you want to relax and enjoy a quick bite to eat. Some glamping lodging options include amenities such as refrigerators, microwaves and sometimes even small kitchens. You can cook a delicious lunch over the campfire and then microwave your leftovers for an easy dinner in the evening, or you can cook some quick, easy meals on the stove if your lodging includes a kitchen.

Showering and Using the Bathroom

Primitive camping often means you will have access to shared bathrooms and showers. Many campgrounds provide bathrooms with clean, hot water so you can shower, use the bathroom and brush your teeth in a comfortable setting. However, glamping sometimes allows you to enjoy more privacy and convenience with your own personal bathroom and shower.

When you stay in a comfortable cabin with a private bathroom, you can avoid waiting for showers to become available or brushing your teeth at a sink next to your camping neighbors. 

Gear You Need to Pack

Glamping requires less gear than primitive camping. Primitive camping often requires gear such as a tent, sleeping bag, cooler, air mattresses or sleeping cots, camping chairs, pop-up canopies and an induction burner. Glamping provides shelter and beds, so you only need to pack your clothes, food, dishes and possibly linens unless the campground provides them.

Temperature Control

Chilly fall mornings and hot summer afternoons are more comfortable with heating and air conditioning. Experienced campers know how to optimize shade to cool their tents or pack warm sleeping bags for cold nights, but glamping adds an extra touch of comfort with the option to control a thermostat. Escape the summer heat in a nice air-conditioned cabin or turn the heat up on a chilly morning as you enjoy your breakfast.

Deluxe Camping Benefits

Enjoy the glamping benefits of cozy cabins and comfortable lodging at Kampgrounds of America. KOA Camping Cabins offer extra shelter from rain and comfortable beds to rest your head at night. Bring your own linens and enjoy camping under a sturdy roof. Stay in a Patio Glamping Cabin to enjoy some additional amenities such as provided linens, a cable TV, mini-refrigerator, coffee bar and private patio. 

Enjoy even more glamping benefits when you stay in a KOA Deluxe Cabin, ideal for experienced campers and beginners alike. In many Deluxe Cabins, you can shower in your own full private bathroom and cook meals in a partial kitchen. Rest your head in a comfortable bed and enjoy some additional amenities such as cable TV and provided linens. 

If you are looking for a unique way to try glamping versus camping, consider staying in a KOA Airstream. These trailers let you enjoy the great outdoors as you could with primitive camping but in a comfortable shelter. Most Airstreams include a full bath with a shower as well as a partial kitchen, cable TV and provided linens.

Glamping in Santa Cruz

Enjoy a deluxe camping getaway at Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay KOA Holiday. If you are looking to try luxury camping, Santa Cruz is the perfect destination. At KOA, you can sleep in cozy cabins with convenient amenities and enjoy plenty of fun activities. Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay KOA Holiday offers the following unique amenities and recreation activities:

  • Large playground
  • KOA Express Fun Train
  • Jumping pillow
  • Campfire Theatre with a stage
  • Outdoor Cinema
  • Bike rentals
  • KampK9 dog parks
  • Swimming pool
  • Hot tub and sauna
  • KOA Store and gift shop
  • Meeting facilities
  • Basketball
  • Game room
  • Themed weekends

Book a Glamping Getaway at KOA

Explore the great outdoors, make some delicious s'mores and spend time with friends and family at KOA. Whether you book a Premium Tent Site to enjoy primitive camping, bring your RV to a Pull-Thru or Back-In Site or want to enjoy the glamping benefits of comfortable lodging, KOA is the place to stay. 

Bring your children and four-legged friends along to enjoy fun kid-friendly activities and dog-friendly campsites as well as convenient KampK9 dog parks. Explore the California coast and nearby local attractions or rent some banana bikes to ride around the campground before hopping on the KOA Express Fun Train. Make a splash in the pool or relax in the hot tub. Spend a day exploring the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and end your evening watching a movie at the campground's outdoor cinema.

Try glamping and enjoy benefits such as comfortable beds, convenient amenities and temperature-controlled lodging. Book a stay at Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay KOA Holiday to camp in comfort and explore California.

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