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Plan a Trip to New Bern, North Carolina


New Bern, North Carolina, is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for a location that combines Southern charm with a unique coastal experience. As the second-oldest city in North Carolina, visiting New Bern offers the chance to immerse yourself in local history while finding plenty of new...

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Unforgettable Winter Activities: Things to Do in New Bern


While summer is often the go-to time of year for vacation, the wintertime has loads of untapped potential for your vacationing experiences. Here are some exciting winter activities you can enjoy in New Bern. Visit Downtown A winter vacation in New Bern isn't complete without exploring the downtown...

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KOA President's & Founder's Award Winner Again!!!


New Bern KOA Holiday proudly received both the President's and Founder's Awards for 2024, which marks 19 years in a row receiving these coveted honors.  We want to thank all of our valued campers for making this possible!  

New Bern, North Carolina Beaches


North Carolina is known for its gorgeous and untouched beaches that are perfect ways to unwind and explore. Our campground in New Bern, North Carolina, has many stunning beaches within driving distance that offer the perfect combination of relaxation and fun. Best Beaches Near Our Campground in New...

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A Neuse River Fishing Guide For New Bern, NC


Are you looking for the perfect fishing spot on the Neuse River? The Neuse River is the longest in North Carolina, measuring 275 miles from the Falls Lake Reservoir Dam to its 6-mile wide mouth at Pamlico Sound below New Bern. Naturally, such an impressive river offers some of the best year-round...

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Pet-Friendly Activities in New Bern, North Carolina


One of the hardest parts of being a pet owner is leaving your pup at home when you go away for vacation. Luckily, New Bern, North Carolina, offers many pet-friendly activities so you can plan a fantastic vacation that your furry friend can partake in as well. Here are some of the top dog-friendly...

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Fall Things To Do In New Bern


As the weather begins to cool, you may find yourself looking for fall activities to celebrate the season. While there are the obvious choices of apple picking and heading to your nearest pumpkin patch, New Bern, North Carolina, offers a variety of unique activities that will instantly become...

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New Bern Hiking Guide


There's nothing better than getting outside and reconnecting with Mother Nature. New Bern, North Carolina, is filled with countless parks and trails to explore, so it's the perfect destination for nature lovers.Popular Hiking Spots in New Bern Wondering where to hike in New Bern? Here are some of...

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Kayaking, Paddleboarding and Boating: The Neuse River


Often regarded as one of America's great streams, the Neuse River is a must-see natural wonder in North Carolina. This waterway stretches 275 miles to the Atlantic Ocean, offering ample space to enjoy exciting water activities. KayakingKayaking is one of the most popular water sports on the Neuse...

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5 Best Date Spots in New Bern, North Carolina


New Bern is a special place to visit, being one of the oldest towns in the area. The region is renowned for its beautiful historic architecture and picturesque views, allowing couples to enjoy each other's company while exploring. Here are the five best date spots in New Bern, NC.1. Visit an Art...

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When Is the Best Time of Year to Visit New Bern, NC?


If you plan a trip to New Bern, you will want to come when the weather is at its best. Continue reading to learn more about how New Bern changes through the seasons, including temperature, activities and other factors.When Is the Best Time to Go to New Bern? There is something for everyone in New...

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Where to Spot Wildlife in New Bern, NC


New Bern is a beautiful place with plenty of parks and public areas to see nature up close. You will find North Carolina wildlife in all sorts of natural habitats, including rivers, lakes, forests and beaches. Find out more about the animals you can see when you visit this beautiful area...

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Best Places to Eat in New Bern, NC


We know how exciting traveling through the country with your family and setting up camp can be. One of the most memorable elements of travel is the food you get to eat at places that encapsulate the spirit of the locals in the area and how they like to spend their time. That is why we have compiled...

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Walking Tours in New Bern, NC


The rich history of New Bern comes to life with our Historic Heritage Walking Tours – a series of self-guided tours you can take at your own pace. Experience our war-ridden past, explore the architectural beauty of our homes and immerse yourself in our Southern hospitality. African American Heritage...

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Fun Things To Do In New Bern, NC


Visiting a new city offers many opportunities to explore and learn something new. There are many places to go in New Bern, North Carolina, when you want to have fun with your family and friends. Stay at New Bern KOA Holiday while you visit all the local attractions.Best Things to Do in New...

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New Bern Wild Horses


If you want a fun and exciting activity to do while vacationing in New Bern, consider traveling to Shackleford Banks, an island with wild horses in North Carolina. Watch from a respectful distance how the horses live free without the help of humans. As you plan your visit to New Bern and to see the...

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