Where to Spot Wildlife in New Bern, NC

Where to Spot Wildlife in New Bern, NC

New Bern is a beautiful place with plenty of parks and public areas to see nature up close. You will find North Carolina wildlife in all sorts of natural habitats, including rivers, lakes, forests and beaches. Find out more about the animals you can see when you visit this beautiful area. 


There are many mammals that reside in North Carolina. Black bears are the only bear species native to North Carolina, and while they tend to avoid humans, sightings are becoming more common. Other animals you might glimpse on your excursions include chipmunks, beavers, bobcats, foxes, elk, rabbits and deer. Several animals are listed as endangered or protected, so remember to view animals from a safe distance.


North Carolina is a birder's paradise, and Glen Burnie Park in New Bern is an excellent spot to practice your bird-watching skills. The Croatan National Forest, Tump Island and the Lower Neuse River are other locations ideal for spotting these creatures. You might see hummingbirds, eagles, warblers and terns, among other species. Explore trails and rest at the picnic areas to see how many different birds you can find. 


The Croatan National Forest provides several different ecosystems, making it a perfect place for catching glimpses of reptiles. You might spot an alligator, turtle or snake. Most snake species that reside here are non-venomous. However, there are venomous species you could encounter, so always look before you step.   


Amphibians include animals like frogs, toads and salamanders, and they call many areas of North Carolina home, including urban areas. If there is a particular species you are interested in seeing and wonder if they are in the area, you can check the North Carolina Herp Atlas map. Areas like the Croatan National Forest and the Neuse River provide ideal habitats for various amphibians near New Bern.


Fishing in New Bern is a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of North Carolina. Both freshwater and saltwater fish species inhabit the area's rivers and shores, including striped bass, southern flounder, Atlantic croaker and bluefish.

See North Carolina Wildlife at New Bern KOA 

New Bern KOA calls the heart of North Carolina's coastal region home. Whether it is an otter swimming alongside your kayak or a bald eagle soaring overhead, there is no shortage of nature waiting for you here. New Bern KOA offers easy access to the Neuse River, so in addition to finding many different animals in New Bern, NC, you can wake up and watch the sunrise outside your RV Site, Tent Site or Deluxe Cabin. Reserve your campsite today!

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