Dog-Friendly Hikes in Moab, UT

Dog-Friendly Hikes in Moab, UT

If your hiking buddy has four legs, a wagging tail and a nose for exploration, consider visiting Moab for some dog-friendly fun. While Utah's rules do not allow dogs on national park hiking trails, there are plenty of dog-friendly trails in Moab to give your hiking pal a taste of adventure.

Safety Tips for Hiking With Your Dog

Dog-friendly hikes in Moab, Utah can be a blast for both you and your dog. Dogs love exploring new sights and smells and you will love spending time with your dog. While checking out cool places to hike with your dog, make sure to keep your dog, fellow hikers and other dogs safe on the trail with the following safety tips:

Follow Leash Laws

Leash laws keep you, your dog, other hikers and their dogs safe. Your dog should be on a leash at all times unless otherwise stated. Avoid using retractable leashes because their extended length gives dogs too much range to roam back and forth on the trail and disturb others. 

If off-leash walking is allowed, you should only let your dog off the leash if they can immediately heel on command and exceptionally obey the following commands:

  • “Sit”
  • “Stay”
  • "Come"
  • “No”
  • "Leave it"
  • “Off”

Keep Your Dog Close to You

When hiking in Moab with dogs, avoid getting close to wildlife because your dog's presence or barking could initiate other animals to attack and keep your dog close to you. Some people may love seeing four-legged friends on the trail and want to pet your dog, while others may prefer to stay distanced. 

Make sure you keep your dog close to you unless another hiker asks to pet them, and decline any offers to pet your dog if your dog can be aggressive. If your dog is protective of you, they may see an approaching hiker as a threat, so it is best to keep them close to be safe. 

If you encounter other dogs on the trail, make sure you ask other owners' permission before allowing your dog to greet them. Some dogs show aggression when they are afraid and some may be undergoing obedience training.

Pet Etiquette for Hiking With Dogs

Be considerate of other hikers on the trail with the following pet etiquette tips:

  • Leave plants undisturbed
  • Clean up after your dog
  • Yield to other hikers

Minimize your environmental impact and do your best to leave plants as you find them.  Prevent your dog from disturbing plant life by keeping them close to you as you hike and stopping them from picking anything up as they explore. Clean up after your dog if they defecate on the trail to keep the path clean and prevent other hikers from stepping in animal waste.

Yield to others and keep your dog on one side of the trail as much as possible. Keep your dog out of the way of other hikers, cyclists and horses. Step to the side of the trail to let others pass if needed and pick your dog up if it is small enough.

Are Dogs Allowed in Arches National Park?

Dogs are not allowed on any hiking trails in Arches National Park, but you can take your four-legged friend to see parts of the national park. Dogs are allowed at lookout points located on the paved scenic drives and they are allowed on roads and in parking lots. Make sure your dog is leashed at all times when outside of your vehicle because this is a requirement at Arches National Park.

Are Dogs Allowed in Canyonlands National Park?

Canyonlands National Park does not allow dogs on any hiking trails or other park areas, overlooks, in the visitor center or in backcountry areas. However, the park does allow you to take your dog in parking areas, on established front-country roads and in established campgrounds and picnic areas. Make sure you leash your dog if you plan to enjoy these established areas that allow dogs.

Where Can I Hike With My Dog in Moab?

Visit some Moab dog-friendly hiking locations to see gorgeous views, explore stately rock faces, trek through open expanses and narrow paths and enjoy refreshing swims. Plenty of Moab trails allow you to explore with your four-legged adventure buddy. To start your adventure, consider visiting the following dog-friendly hikes in Moab:

Faux Falls

Explore the Faux Falls hiking trail with your dog and let them enjoy a refreshing swim. This short route is an easy walking trail that leads to a beautiful human-made waterfall with a shallow swimming area. Your dog will love cooling off in the water and you can join in on the fun or enjoy the refreshing mist from the waterfall.

Mary Jane Canyon

The Mary Jane Canyon trail is one of the best dog-friendly hikes in Moab if your dog loves water. The entire trail follows a stream and part of the trail is in the water, so your dog will have plenty of opportunities to splash and cool off along the way. The trail usually has light traffic, so you and your furry friend can enjoy a relaxing hike with fantastic views.

Mill Creek Trail

The Mill Creek Trail is another great option if you are hiking with dogs who love water. This dog-friendly trail in Moab leads to a small waterfall and swimming hole. Enjoy the gorgeous views of open expanses, trek through narrow paths between rock faces and enjoy a swim with your four-legged friend.

Grandstaff Trail

Hike the Grandstaff Trail to explore Morning Glory Arch with your dog. Morning Glory Arch is the world's fifth-largest natural arch, so this hike is a popular one with high traffic. If your dog is leashed and well-trained to stay close to you, this hike is a great choice for you and your furry explorer.

The moderate distance from the trailhead to the arch includes many opportunities for dogs to catch a refreshing drink from the creek, perfect on a hot day. Poison ivy is abundant on this trail, so make sure your dog is leashed and stays close to you at all times.

Dog-Friendly Fun at Moab KOA

Considering a visit to Moab with dogs? Camp at Moab KOA Holiday to enjoy a camping trip with your four-legged family member. Enjoy a stroll through the convenient dog walk area or take advantage of KampK9, a fenced area where your dog can run leash-free and enjoy playing with other dogs in Moab. KampK9 features dog-friendly conveniences, such as fresh water and cleanup stations, as well as comfortable seating so you can relax while you watch your dog play.

Sleep It Off at Moab KOA With Our Pet-Friendly Lodging Options

Dogs are part of the family, too, so many Kampgrounds of America locations offer dog-friendly campsites and amenities. Moab KOA Holiday offers many pet-friendly lodging options and a fun KampK9 dog park for them to run and play. Book a stay at Moab KOA Holiday to enjoy a fun camping trip with your four-legged adventure buddy.

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