Boston Blooms — The Best Spring Sights to See in Boston, MA

Boston Blooms — The Best Spring Sights to See in Boston, MA

Many of the best flowers bloom in Boston during the spring season. For example, cherry blossoms in Massachusetts usually peak around late April. These pink and white blooms are a spring staple that let individuals enjoy the warmer weather and bright colors.

Boston has many places visitors can enjoy cherry blossoms and other beautiful spring flowers. 

3 Garden and Floral Events in Boston 

Boston hosts several events and festivals dedicated to the spring season and flowers. When you want to explore the city's various gardens and flora, these events can introduce you to Boston's culture, history and natural beauty. 

1. Art in Bloom 

If you like art and stunning spring blooms, you will love this annual Boston tradition. Hosted by the Museum of Fine Art in the city, the museum's various art pieces are paired with individual floral arrangements. Florists match colors and shapes to the art, creating a stunning visual experience that lets the art expand beyond its regular boundaries. 

While this event might center around flowers, it offers several other attractions you can participate in after entering. The museum hosts classes and demonstrations for those interested in floral arranging and seeing how florists create their masterpieces. In the past, the museum has also hosted live music, food and markets. Vendors might even sell fresh flowers for the perfect spring souvenir. 

You can view the event with regular admission to the museum. 

2. Hidden Gardens of Beacon Hill Tour 

Beacon Hill is an exclusive and historic neighborhood in the city. Surrounded by brick walls, it can be challenging for tourists to explore its streets and gardens unless they know a resident. However, this annual spring tradition allows homeowners to show off their impressive gardens and visitors to take in the history and splendor of this part of Boston. 

On the third Thursday of each May, the Beacon Hill Garden Club opens the gates and offers self-guided tours through the neighborhood. The club has hosted this event since 1928, making it a long-lasting and historical tradition for the city. 

You can buy tickets in advance or online, and the central location offers many excellent spots for individuals to get something to eat.

3. Lilac Sunday 

Lilac Sunday is another Boston tradition hosted on Mother's Day by the Arnold Arboretum. This event aligns with peak lilac blooms, allowing visitors to appreciate the 400 lilac plants the arboretum boasts. Take a guided tour through the grounds to see the stunning purple flowers or participate in the various events and activities hosted that day. The arboretum often has many events geared toward children, making it an excellent option for families visiting Boston with young kids. 

This event is also the only day you can picnic on the grounds. You can celebrate Mother's Day or spend time with your loved ones by eating a pre-packed meal among the lilacs. 

7 Locations to Find Springtime Blooms in Boston 

Boston is full of green spaces and flowers. Whether you are looking for excellent cherry blossom blooms or other florals, exploring Boston's many outdoor areas and gardens can help you make the most of this city in spring. Knowing where to find the best spots in the city is essential when making your way to Boston this season. 

1. Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum 

If you are interested in the Art in Bloom event, you will love this museum. This museum is the home of several masterpieces and is rich with excellent art history, but it also has an impressive garden. At the center of the museum is the indoor courtyard, which is a lush green space with splashes of color mixed with the building's stunning architecture. Interspersed between the plants, you can find busts and sculptures for more exposure to the art. 

2. Arnold Arboretum 

While already listed for Sunday Lilac, you can visit the Arnold Arboretum throughout the spring. If you want more of the lilacs, May is a great time to go. The location is home to several varieties of cherry blossoms, including weeping cheery trees. You can walk through the grounds and explore the different shades of pink to experience the perfect spring palette. 

3. James P. Kelleher Rose Garden 

If you love roses, this park in Fenway is perfect for you. This garden hosts over 1,500 individual roses with more than 200 varieties. You can peacefully stroll through the stone pathways or sit by the fountain in the center. 

4. Rose Kennedy Greenway 

This large public park boasts several individual gardens and community features to enjoy when visiting Boston. It offers several types of flowers, including black-eyed Susans, if you want to add a pop of yellow to your spring viewing. You might find various beehives throughout the park, helping support local pollinators and flora. 

Other than flowers, the park has a carousel, multiple fountains and food trucks to can enjoy while spending time outdoors. 

5. The Gardens at Elm Bank 

Located further away from the city center in Wellesley, this group of gardens is under the care of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society. You can find several beds and species, like gardens dedicated to daffodils and rhododendron, making this site perfect for spring. You can also explore the ground's manor or the botanical gardens for more variety and sightseeing. The open fields and meadows are excellent if you want someplace quiet and green to relax and take in nature. 

6. Charles River Esplanade 

This walkway along the Charles River is one of the best places to enjoy Boston's cherry blossoms. The trees line the river, letting you take in the water and the pink blooms. If you want somewhere you can explore the city and its natural features, this outdoor city space is perfect for you. 

7. Public Garden 

Residents and visitors can gather in Boston's Public Garden to escape the cityscape and enjoy nature. You can find several beautiful spring blooms here, including pansies and tulips. You can also find multiple varieties of cherry blossoms, with many shades of pink, from pale to hot pink. You can walk through the grounds and enjoy the flowers while sightseeing throughout the city. 

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