Unwind with These Card Games Perfect for Camping or Home

March 23, 2020

Everything’s better outside and playing cards with friends and family is no exception. Your KOA Patio™ is the perfect spot to play, already equipped with outdoor furniture, outdoor seating and a fire pit or fire ring. Playing cards outside is a great way to relax and connect with each other, day or evening. So kick back, shoot the breeze and open a deck of cards. Here are some of our favorite games to play on a KOA Patio or anytime.

1. Crazy Eights

This game is fun for all ages and is for 2–8 players.

  • Deal 5 cards to each player. Place the rest of the cards face down in the middle of the table. Turn the top card over.
  • On a player’s turn they can play one card face up that matches the current card in either suit or number. For example, if the current face up card is the 5 of clubs, you may play either any five or any club.
  • Eights are wild and can be played at any time. When a player plays an eight, they then get to pick the current suit, whether that be hearts, clubs, spades, or diamonds.
  • If the player can’t match the top cards, then they must draw cards from the deck until they get a match. Once the draw pile is empty, then players that don’t have a match, lose their turn.
  • The first player to discard all their cards wins.

2. Kings in the Corner

This game will be familiar to anyone that’s played solitaire. It fits 2-6 but is best at 4 players.

Deal seven cards to each player. Place the rest of the cards face down in the middle of the table. Turn the four top cards over, placing one on each of the four sides of the deck — to the north, south, east, and west.

  • The player to the left of the dealer begins by drawing one card from the center stockpile. He may make as many valid plays as are possible during his turn to get rid of as many cards as possible from his hand.

Valid moves:

  • Play a card (or sequence of cards) on a face up pile, immediately below the face up card in number and of the opposite color (red or black). For example, if a 9 of hearts is face up, then the next card played must be the 8 of spades or clubs. Aces are always the lowest cards.
  • Play a King in the corner. Kings are the only cards that can be played in the corner spaces created by the cross. Once a King is played, players may then play cards like any other pile.
  • Move an entire pile onto another pile, if the move creates a valid sequence. This is often possible when the cards are first dealt.
  • Play any card or sequence of cards on a vacated slot.
  • When out of moves, they pass their turn on the next player.
  • The first player to discard all their cards wins.

3. Spoons

This game is great for outside because players tend to get excited. It can play 3–13 players but you need spoons, one less than the number of players.

  • Arrange the spoons in a small circle in the center of the table and deal four cards to each player. Each player tries to make four of a kind. The dealer takes a card off the top of the deck to have five cards in his hand, removes one and passes it facedown to the left. Each player discards to the person on his left.
  • The last player places his discard into a trash pile. Cards are picked up and passed quickly around the table until someone gets four of a kind and takes a spoon from the center. Once the player with four of a kind takes a spoon, anyone can take a spoon. The player left without a spoon gets a letter.
  • If at any time the draw cards run out, pause to reshuffle the trash pile and keep going.
  • Each time you don’t get a spoon, you get a letter in the word S-P-O-O-N. Spell it and you’re out.
  • The winner is the last player remaining.

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