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April 11, 2023

Best Summer Jobs for Teens

While summer break is a nice reprieve from homework and the school year’s fast-paced activities, it is also the perfect time for teens to learn new skills, earn money and prepare for life after high school. Plenty of summer jobs for middle and high school students are available.

The Top 30 Jobs for Teenagers in the Summer

Here are 30 good summer jobs for teens to help them earn money and expand their skills, knowledge and responsibility.

1. Babysitter

Parents in your community may need more help watching their kids once school’s out. Babysitting is an excellent first job for younger teens.

2. Pet, Plant and House Sitter

Teens can pet-, plant- or house-sit while neighbors are away. They can feed and walk pets or care for plants to ensure their well-being while friends and neighbors are away.

3. Camp Counselor

Becoming a camp counselor for the summer is a fun opportunity for teens to work with kids and learn about leadership. Day camps and overnight camps may be available in your area.

4. Lifeguard

Strong swimmers can become lifeguards at local pools, water parks or beaches. Teens will undergo training and classes to earn certificates and ensure they have the necessary skills.

5. Dog Walker

Start a small business walking neighborhood dogs. This gig could last longer than summer if it is successful.

6. Tutor

Do you excel at a specific school subject? Use your knowledge and skills to tutor other teens or younger kids in person or online.

7. Small Business Owner

If you love creating jewelry, household decorations, clothes or blankets, turn your hobby into a small business. Set up tables at local fairs, festivals or farmers markets to get started. Once you turn 18, you can take your business to the next level and open an online store.

8. Retail Associate

Mom-and-pop shops and large retail stores often hire people as long as they are 16 or older. Get a job as a sales floor associate at a store.

9. Cashier

You can apply to be a cashier at almost any retail establishment or grocery store. These jobs help you learn about customer service and the importance of properly handling money.

10. Golf Course Caddy or Cart Attendant

Whether you play golf or just like to be outside during the summer, becoming a golf course caddy or cart attendant is an excellent summer job. Golf caddies help golfers during their games, from carrying their club bags to pacing yardages and attending the flagstick. Golf cart attendants help golfers with their carts and maintain the vehicles’ cleanliness, storing and staging.

11. Swim Instructor

Strong swimmers could also become swim instructors at the local pool or community center. Teach younger kids how to swim or assist in classes.

12. Restaurant Host or Waiter

Some restaurants hire teenagers as hosts or waitpersons. Working in a restaurant helps teens develop social skills and get a glimpse into the food industry.

13. Delivery Driver

If you are 18 or older, you could become a delivery driver for services like Instacart, Uber Eats and DoorDash.

14. Fast Food Worker

Teens can take and process orders at the counter or drive-through window. In some states, if you are at least 16 years old, you could also work in the kitchen preparing the food. Age requirements and regulations differ based on state and establishment.

15. Bowling Alley or Roller Rink Worker

Teenagers could also work at bowling alleys or roller rinks, keeping the lanes and community areas clean while also distributing shoes and food.

16. Office Clerk

Many offices could use a helping hand with organizing and copying paperwork. Ask local businesses if they’re looking for an office clerk.

17. Museum or Zoo Attendant

Some museums and zoos also hire teenagers. You could work as a camp counselor during a museum-run children’s camp. If you want to work at a zoo, you could become a zoo assistant, helping zookeepers feed, train and groom animals.

18. Kennel Assistant

Animal lovers could also work or volunteer as kennel aides at an animal shelter or veterinary clinic. Common responsibilities include walking, playing with and feeding the animals.

19. Community Center Program Assistant

If your town has a community center or a YMCA nearby, you could help with the summer programs. Volunteer your skills to help instruct classes, programs, camps and sports.

20. Pool Cleaner

Pool cleaning businesses will be looking for additional help during the summer.

21. Receptionist

Many older teens could easily handle a receptionist’s responsibilities, such as answering calls, organizing paperwork and greeting people as they enter the building.

22. Sports Referee, Umpire or Assistant Coach

Working in sports is the perfect teenage summer job for those who live and breathe sports. Teens can help their local kids’ leagues by becoming assistant coaches, game referees or umpires.

23. Campground Employee

Many campgrounds will also hire teenagers to help maintain the campground’s cleanliness, on-site store, amenities and stations. Some campgrounds, like Kampgrounds of America, may also host recreational events. Teens working at a campground could get the job of being in charge of planning the activities.

24. Landscape Worker

Older teens could also join a landscaping business and care for clients’ lawns and gardens. You could also start your own landscaping business by starting with simple lawn care and working your way up.

25. Ice Cream Stand Worker

Local ice cream stands often hire teenagers to run them during the summer. This fun and simple summer job usually involves working with other teens.

26. Movie Theater Attendant

Teenagers can work the counter and ensure they have enough popcorn for all movie-goers.

27. House Cleaner

You can apply for a job at a cleaning company or start small by offering to clean neighbors’ and friends’ homes.

28. Janitor

Your school may seek extra janitorial help during the summer. Janitorial work will help you understand and appreciate the behind-the-scenes work custodians do for students and teachers.

29. Library Assistant

Teens can work and volunteer at the local library to help patrons, stock shelves and keep the library clean. Many libraries host summer events, so you can even help put those together.

30. National Park Worker

If you love nature and live near a national park, consider working for one. Many parks have programs and internships to help young nature lovers gain experience in conservation work.

Young KOA campground employee in a yellow shirt runs a water activity for kids.

Advantages of Having a Summer Job as a Teenager

Teenagers benefit from having a summer job. Instead of staying home all summer, a job allows you to go outside, see and meet people, earn money and develop or enhance essential life skills. You can also become a more well-rounded person with a job that helps you:

  • Develop work skills
  • Increase confidence
  • Learn how to manage time effectively
  • Provide a sense of accomplishment
  • Build a social network
  • Discover new career paths

Summer jobs for high schoolers also make their resumes look good and stand out. Whatever you have planned after high school — including college, trade school or the workforce — having prior job experience will make you an ideal candidate.

Apply to KOA

Whether you love meeting new people, spending time outside or staying busy, working at KOA is an excellent summer job opportunity. Apply for a job at KOA today!

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