10 Tips for Camping with Dogs

July 1, 2016

Looking to go camping with your dog? Check out these top 10 tips for camping with your dog – From supplies to bring to what to do while you’re at the campground. Read more here!

Camping with dogs can be one of the best parts of summer. But it also means a little extra thought needs to go into your next campground adventure. It makes things a little easier next time you head out to explore your favorite KOA we’ve compiled a few tips you might not have thoughts of (and a few you probably did!).

1. Prep Your Pet

Before heading to the campground for the first time, let your furry friend check out your camping gear. Whether it’s a tour of the RV, setting up the tent in the backyard or using a flashlight during a night time walk, a little at-home exposure can calm your dog’s nerves.

2. Keep Tags Current

Ensure your dog has both a rabies vaccination tag and current contact information. Since you’ll be introducing your pet to a new environment – which can be scary and confusing if he or she accidentally gets loose – this is essential.

3. Bring Important Extras

Don’t forget to add dog supplies to your camp packing list. In addition to the essentials like food and a leash, bring a stake with a lead or a “tie-out” to give a little more peace of mind at your campsite. Extra towels and blankets are helpful for swims, chilly nights or unexpected messes.

4. Fight Fleas, Ticks and Other Bugs

Invest in a dog-friendly bug spray to ward off pests. Also consider a flea collar. Not only can insects make pets uncomfortable, they can also carry diseases that can be life-threatening. Don’t forget to check for ticks at the end of the day even when taking precautions. Defense and offense makes for a happy, healthy and bug free dog.

Looking for a few more tips you might not have considered? Take these cues direct from KOA campers!

5. “Go to Staples or a similar store and buy some clear tags and a sharpie marker. When you arrive at the campground write the number of your site on the tags and place on your dog’s collar. Sometimes, dogs “escape” and cellphones don’t always work; this ensures your dog can be returned easily.” – Chrissy

6. “If you’re traveling a lot consider a vet service with a national network. Having one means your pet can have great care wherever your travels take you.” – Donna

7. “Microchips are a must in case collars go missing. With all those branches it’s easy for contact information on tags to get lost.” – Bill

8. “Baby wipes are my must have to deal with any unplanned messes.” -Bonnie

9. “Bring an old piece of carpet for sitting outside. Rocks, dirt and gravel aren’t the best for dogs to relax.” – Virginia

10. “We love KOA’s special dog parks. Fenced and full of room to play they are perfect spots to meet new puppy friends!” – Roger  Learn more about KOA’s Kamp K9!

10 Tips for Camping with Dogs

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