Recipe: The Best Ice Cream Cake Ever


The recipe for the “Best Ice Cream Cake Ever” starts with ice cream sandwiches, but transforms them into a gooey, delicious and spectacular summer dessert.

Gloria Levesque of Bristol, Connecticut says that she has a new nickname, thanks to this fantastic recipe. “I am ‘the ice cream cake lady’ ever since I first made it. At camping trips, pot lucks, barbecues or any gatherings, that’s all I am requested to make!”


24 frozen ice cream sandwiches
1 8oz. container of dessert topping
1 small jar of ice cream topping (example: chocolate fudge)
1 other small jar of another flavor of ice cream topping (example: caramel)
A small bag of malted balls, crushed up


Place 12 ice cream sandwiches in pan 9 x 13” pan. Spread almost ½ jar of first ice cream topping (fudge) on top. Top with ½ the container of dessert topping. Cover with a second layer of ice cream sandwiches, then the remaining dessert topping.

“Drizzle with some of the first ice cream topping (fudge) topping, then with the second (caramel) topping,” says Gloria, “making a nice design to make it look good.”

Sprinkle the crushed malted balls on top of everything, place in freezer or eat it right away.

“It’s sooooo gooood!” exclaims Gloria. “I also change the toppings and change the candy toppings, too. Like peanut butter cups, M&M’s, Mounds, Heath bars, bananas and strawberries with pineapple ice cream topping. It’s endless! Be creative and have fun making it.”