4 Rules Campers Say You Should Follow

December 22, 2010

All right, the secret’s out. KOA campgrounds are fun, beautiful and full of adventure. Think about it. Where else can you pull in (or pull through, as the case may be), set up and immediately start enjoying all the best that the great outdoors have to offer. And yes, you definitely meet some of the nicest people (folks wearing yellow shirts and otherwise) when you’re on a campground.

But we’ve also been told by campers that it’s the little things that make camping getaways perfect. Like friendly smiles, short lines…and folks following a few common rules of camping etiquette or, as we like to all it, “Kamp-i-quette”.

So we asked our friends on Facebook what the one rule was that they wish that every camper would follow—and boy, did we get a lot of responses! Here’s what they said:

1) Kamp-i-quette Rule 1: Keep it down.

  • Keeping noise down, especially late in the evening or early in the morning, was overwhelmingly the number one suggestion of all who responded. David D. and Justin B. reminded everyone that sound travels—while Michelle H suggests disengaging your car alarm to prevent it from going off. While a number of folks suggested turning stereos down (or off) to avoid competing music, Millie S. suggested that everyone should pick one station and “knock yourself out.” Lisa M. encourages quiet time for another reason, “So we can finally enjoy our alone-time snuggling by the fire.”

2) Kamp-i-quette Rule 2: Scoop it up.

  • KOA has long been known as a great place to bring your dog, and Facebookers Nancy A. and Michele E. want to keep it that way. They, along with many others who responded, encourage campers to pick up after their pets. As Tammy E. reminds, “Clean up after your pets; they can’t do it themselves.” Vicky H., who camps with her Chihuahuas, also reminds other campers to keep pets on leashes to avoid potential problems between animals.

3) Kamp-i-quette Rule 3: I beg your pardon…

  • In third place was a sentiment echoed repeatedly: please don’t cut through other people’s campsites. “When they are set up,” said Cathy G., “it is like their home. Do you take a shortcut through your neighbor’s yard to get somewhere?” Diane R. agrees, and notes that sometimes cutting can even be dangerous. “When it comes to adults doing it, it makes me uncomfortable to have them walk by our things (I’ve seen a ‘cutter’ trip over someone else’s stuff.)”

4) Kamp-i-quette Rule 4: Keep it clean.

  • Debra C.’s “Leave your campsite cleaner than when you got there” was the first comment about tidying up, but it wasn’t the last. Aimee F. said “All of the KOA’s that I’ve been to are beautiful and CLEAN. We all need to do our part to keep it that way.” That includes, according to campers like Beth J., cleaning out fire rings or, as mentioned by Mandy B., pick up after yourself at the shower houses.

So there you have ‘em—the top four rules that our kampers have told us they wished everyone would follow. And what were the runners up? They included keeping kids safe and well tended, not using foul language, avoiding late-night parties or loud conversations, or revving vehicles in the early morning hours.

But perhaps campers like Brett J. had it right, when he posted, “Quiet time, pets, cutting through sites, it all adds up to having respect for your fellow campers.”

So’d we miss any? If you have other rules of kamp-i-quette that you’d like to add, we’d love to hear ‘em. Feel free to comment below:

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