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September 7, 2011

It was still winter when we first learned about a camping product that we were pretty sure would warm the hearts—among other things—of KOA campers. And with temps falling and leaves changing, we knew that it was it was the perfect time of year to tell you all about it.

Although it looks like the camping chair you might have stored in your garage or RV, the Chaheati™ is anything but. Designed to keep you toasty warm even on the coolest mornings or the chilliest evenings, it is a great addition to your camping gear. It’s particularly a nice fit for campers whose backs are a little sore after some time on the road. Its four-temp heating system operates for up to 6 hours and comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

But would the Chaheati™ stand up to our campers expectations? We asked our friends on Facebook who’d like to give this product a try, and three lucky folks were chosen to do just that. They rated it on a scale of 1-5 marshmallows, with 5 being an absolute must-have and 1 being “probably wouldn’t recommend.

Here’s what they told us:

KOA Reviewer Tim Care & Family, Jenison, MI
Rating: 4 marshmallows

We give the Chaheati a score of 4 marshmallows!!! Upon opening the box it was a little disappointing to see a “Bag Chair” to be tested. I mean, c’mon, what’s fun about testing a bag chair. Aren’t they all the same?

However after opening the chair and setting it up, we found what promised to be a nice surprise. The Chaheati comes with a battery pack and charger which operates the heating system in the chair. After reading the brief instruction sheet, we charged up the battery pack and decided to give the chair a try. Very shortly after turning it on, the seat area of the chair began to heat up.

It worked very well, and has 4 settings for the heat – low to max. The cats seemed to enjoyed the warm seat the most while the chair was inside in the air conditioning.

The Chaheati is a normal sized bag chair, which for most everyone in our family works great. However for someone 6’5″, it felt a little undersized and uncomfortable.

We didn’t get much of a chance to try it outside at first, as the day it arrived it was 92 degrees and a heated chair was not going to be appreciated. However over the weekend the temperatures dropped and it was easy to see this was definitely something that was going to be packed for our fall camping trips. Obviously the chair can be used any time, but is really going to get a lot of use in Spring and Fall camping when the nights are cool. A nice campfire to warm up the front of you and the Chaheati keeping the rest warm. Now we just have to figure out how everyone is going to get to use it at the same time.

KOA Reviewer Ronnie Herr, Velva, ND (USA)
Rating: 4 marshmallows

Tester Ronnie Herr learned that this is no ordinary camping chair.

“I found the Chaheati to be a very sturdy, and well put together chair. I’ve seen some pretty cheap versions of those fold up chairs, and this is not one of them. At first when I saw the plug in charger in the package, I thought it plugged into electricity, but upon reading the directions was happy to see it was a charger for the battery pack/control pad. When turning the heating feature on, I was able to feel it heating immediately…. it seemed like it heated more towards the back than the bottom, but that could just be me. All in all, I give the Chaheati 4 Marshmallows. It seems like a quality, well built product.”

KOA Reviewer Mike Lambert, Lakewood OH (USA)
Rating: 4 marshmallows

Attached are some pictures that I took using the Chaheati chair. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised at how warm the chair got and how quickly it warmed-up. The battery pack is simple to use and to charge. I would rate the product overall as 4 marshmallows. The ONLY drawback is that the chair is not built any better than a regular camp chair. Those camp chairs last two or three years before the small plastic joints start to crack and come apart. So if I were to invest some additional money into this chair for its warming properties, I would hope that it would hold-up longer overall.

As you can see, my dogs were also enjoying the fire in the backyard and the cool, Early Autumn day. Labor Day here in Ohio turned-out to be about 65 for the high and breezy. So the fire felt good and the Chaheati helped make it that much more enjoyable.

The chair did exactly what was promised, it kept your back warm while I was sitting at a campfire. So I did not feel the need to stand-up and warm my backside occasionally with the fire. I would recommend this chair for anyone who finds it difficult to sit by a campfire on those cool, damp evenings. It definitely works!

Thanks to our friends from Chaheati for supplying chairs for our campers to test!  If you’d like to learn more about Chaheati or purchase your own chair, click here.

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