Stuff We Gotta Have! QuickPitch USA Pop-Up Tent

April 20, 2011


You never know when the mood to camp is going to strike. That’s why it’s a good idea to be prepared. And the new QuickPitch™ USA Pop-Up Tent can help you do just that.

Weighing just six pounds and measuring less than 3 feet across, the QuickPitch stores easily in any trunk or closet. And the set up is literally a two-second process—just fling the tent and it’s practically ready to go.

According to the manufacturer, SpotBrands, the tent comes complete with no additional accessories required. It also includes fluorescent guy lines for visibility and built-in metal stakes to keep the tent secured. And finally, its seams are taped to ensure weather resistance and every tent comes with a rain canopy to keep campers nice and dry.

But the fact is, we knew that in order to put this tent through its paces, it needed some field testing by KOA campers. So we asked our Facebook followers to volunteer to test a mystery camping product, and sent five of them the QuickPitch. We asked them to rate the product using a marshmallow review scale of 1-5. Five is an “absolute must-have” and 1 is a “probably wouldn’t recommend. The average rating from our campers? A solid 3.54.

Here are their reviews:

Reviewer: Amy Konarik
Rating: 4.2 Marshmallows

As camping enthusiasts, I enjoyed testing The Quick Pitch Tent. It was very easily set up. I was able to throw it in the air and let it open up on it’s own. It took me less then 5min. to set up and stake it in the ground. It had enough room for my husband and I to sleep comfortably. I was so glad that it had a vent that pulled the air through. It did take a learning curve to break it down, even with the instructions. The QPT was easily stored in the back of my truck seat, so it didn’t take up to much of my needed space. All in all I would definitely recommend this tent.

Set up – 5 marshmallows
Space for two- 4 marshmallows
Ventilation- 4 marshmallows
Breakdown-3 marshmallows
Storage- 5 marshmallows
Overall – 4.2 marshmallows


Reviewer: Andrea Bonner & Family
Rating: 4 Marshmallows

“Overall, I would give this 4 marshmallows. It was fun to use. My son slept in it in our back yard, and he said that he slept better than in his own bed! It fits 2 adults, but it does not fit much gear with the 2 adults.

The set up is obviously extremely easy! My 3 year old had fun helping to set it up. There were two things that I didn’t like about the set-up, however. It does not stay flat on the bottom unless staked down. This would be a disadvantage for times when it cannot be staked down- such as a fun inside overnight camp. The other issue is the provided stakes. They bend very easily, so If you try to put them into hard or rocky ground, it is difficult. I will probably usually use my stakes that I have for another tent when I use it again.

The take-down and re-packing can be difficult. The first few times of packing the tent up, it takes several tries in order to get it right. The elastic strap can end up in the wrong place sometimes, then you have to start over to get it to where you can use the strap to wrap around it. My 12 year old (boy scout) son was able to practice taking it down, and got pretty good at it. I have a video of him doing so, and it takes him a minute or less.

It is light enough that it could be taken backpacking, however, the size of it would be hard to pack. It would be nice if it packed down smaller!”


Reviewer: Billy Nagel and son, Cody
Rating: 4 Marshmallows

“The QuickPitch USA Pop-Up Tent gets an overall rating of 4 marshmallows!!!!! The set up was as easy as it looks online (see attached video) The Tent itself is well constructed and light weight. I would recommend use of a ground cover,and it is rated as a 2 person, but those two better be really close. For a backpacking couple or single this tent would be great. The tent folded up easily back into the carrying case (after reading the instructions lol) I’m 5’8″ 260#lbs myself along with my 5’7″ 135 #lbs were together in the tent for the picture that was taken.

I would have rated it 5 of 5 if it was a little roomier open or it folded up a little smaller. But I will be the envy of the Scout Masters (and the Scouts for that mater) this summer with the ease of set up and tear down. If QuickPitch wants to send a few for the Scouts to do some longer term durability testing our Scout Troop would be more then willing to put them to the test. As for this one its mine, but my son will probably take it over lol.”

Reviewer: Kimberly Baldwin & Family
Rating: 1 Marshmallow

The QuickPitch™ USA Pop-up Tent delivers big on the promise of convenience and lives up to its name: it opens in a mere two seconds. But is that enough to justify the $99.95 price tag? Sadly, no, it isn’t.

Designed for two people with room for extras, we find the fit to be too tight (and we’re normal sized people traveling with only basic gear). The tent also offers little ventilation — there simply isn’t enough of it to move the condensation out of the tent. The small design further complicates the problem; it’s wise to make sure your tent is large enough so that you can still effectively function if the interior is wet. And too bad the packing up process isn’t as easy or quick as setting it up.

A good tent offers protection from unpredictable weather and unwanted animal trespassers, and provides comfort and security in nature. The QuickPitch just doesn’t fit the bill.

Reviewer: Paul Weisenborn and Family
Rating: 4.5 Marshmallows

What a great product. Set up is more than simple. Just pull it out of its case and toss it and POP! you’re all set. Break down was a little tricky and you will need to follow the instructions but after breaking it down a few times, you get the hang of it. We tried setting it up in about 10 to 15 mph winds and it will require being staked. In our opinion, the quality of this product seemed very good. It worked as advertised on SpotsBrands web site.

Our children (aged 5 and 7) are really enjoying it. They have all sorts of plans for it on our annual summer trip where we stay at many of the KOA kampgrounds between Tucson, Arizona and Hiawassee, Georgia.

Overall we highly recommend this product and have already told a few friends about it. We rate the “Quick Pitch USA Pop-Up Tent,” 4.5 Marshmallows.

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