Put Something Unique Under Your Camper’s Tree


‘Tis the season… to ponder interesting gifts and gadgets for the campers on your list. Humans have been camping since, well, since there were humans. Yet, each year, there’s a plethora of new gear to make camping at KOA easier and more fun. Just look what we’ve found this year!

Biolite KettleChargeBioLite KettleCharge
This one is for the camper who wants to leave electrical outlets behind, but still wants to charge mobile devices. As you boil water in this handy little kettle, you actually produce electricity that is stored in the handle. You end up with a supply of potable water, and a way to charge your phone, camera or any other device via USB cable. Any portable stove heat source will do, as long as it will boil the water. A 15-minute charge with the kettle should yield about five hours of talk time. $149.95 at

Helinox Ground ChairHelinox Ground Chair
If you’re a camper, you no doubt have experience with aluminum poles. The Helinox Ground Chair utilizes the same sort of aluminum poles that you’ll find in trekking poles and some tents, keeping the entire setup light and easy. The chair is a lightweight 1.2 pounds and packs down to 12” x 6” x 6”, but can support up to 320 pounds! $109.95 at or


Wolf ‘Em StickWolf Em Stick
Since the day fire was discovered, humans (especially kids) have been finding unique ways to cook over an open fire with sticks. Enter the Wolf ‘Em Stick. Two teen brothers came up with the concept of wrapping biscuit dough around a round wooden dowel at the end of a long rod. The end result is a nicely baked biscuit “cup” that holds anything you’d like it to hold — fruit, tacos… whatever. The handle even acts as a crank. It works, and it’s fun! $8.99 at

giftcardsm-1The NEW KOA Gift Card
In 2014, we introduced the new KOA Gift Card. The cards can be purchased at any KOA campground, as well as online at in any denomination of $20 or above. This isn’t just any old gift card. It can be used for camping fees at any KOA, along with KOA store purchases and even for recreation fees. It’s a great gift for your camping family and friends, and it’s also a wonderful gift for the kids in your family. Imagine giving them a KOA Gift Card they can use for their needs during your next camping trip! $20 and up at any KOA or at

The Double CoolerScreen Shot 2014-12-08 at 3.12.12 PM
You fill your drink cooler with your favorite sports beverage and ice, only to return a while later to a diluted, flavorless mess. The answer could be the Double Cooler. The cooler has a center chamber that you fill with ice and surround with your drink of choice. You end up with a properly chilled drink because the ice and the drink are kept separate! Since there is no dilution, you can keep adding ice to the center tube until all of your drink is consumed, so no waste. The cooler material is even soy-based. Visit for ordering info

Great Northern Popcorn PopperGreat Northern Campfire Popcorn Popper
If you’ve (gasp!) overloaded on s’mores and are looking for another easy camping treat, this firepit popcorn popper could be just the thing. The cool tube handle extends two feet to keep little hands out of the flames, and all you need it a bit of cooking oil and a handful of popcorn kernels to produce four quarts of fresh popcorn. $21.95 at

Komperdell Shockmaster Anti-Shock Trekking PolesKomperdell Trekking Poles
Nothing makes a hike go smoother than a good pair of trekking poles. They add stability to rough terrain, and allow you to go farther without much wear and tear. These poles, which include an anti-shock mechanism, add an extra layer of comfort by reducing impacts on your joints and back. Whether you’re new to hiking, or you’re a long-distance trekker, you’ll love these things. $69.95

Wallet NinjaWallet Ninja
This one is for the gadget lovers. The Wallet Ninja packs 18 different tools into a little device no bigger than a credit card that will fit in your wallet. It includes (long, deep breath) an eyeglass screwdriver, bottle opener, box opener, cellphone stand, four screwdrivers, nail puller, six hex wrenches, can opener and even a fruit peeler. Whew! $9.99 at

Black Diamond Icon Headlamp Black Diam,ond Headlamp

If you’ve ever arrived at your next campsite a bit after sundown, you know how much you miss a good flashlight. The Black Diamond Icon Headlamp was the top-rated headlamp in a recent study by the Outdoor Gear Lab ( The beam goes out 80 meters on high, and has a low power for around the campfire. Four AA batteries supply the power. And, if you think a regular flashlight will do, you really need a headlamp. It’s like growing an extra arm. $79.95


Grill Easy FireQubeGrill Easy FireQube
If you think a charcoal fire is the only way to cook, you’ll want the Grill Easy FireQube. This barbecue in a box allows you to set the entire unit on your grill, light the pullout wick and forget about it for 15 minutes. You’ll come back to a perfect set of red-hot coals, without the chemicals and mess. It’s the easy way to grill! $8 at



The best thing about being outdoors is being active. This fun spin on traditional badminton makes the game extremely portable and fast! It’s basically badminton without a net, using a weighted “birdie” is designed with a waved surface that cuts through the wind and travels in a straight line. There’s special rackets for the game too, and even a glow-in-the-dark birdie for night games. Fun! $49.95 for a starter set at


Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 4.14.11 PM


KOA Apparel
We’re pretty proud of the fact KOA has been around for 52 years, and we thought our guests might want to get in on the celebration! So, we’ve got great KOA-branded apparel available for campers. There are pullovers, hoodies and t-shirts and hats for men, women and youth. Check it out! $9.95 to $36.95 at