5 Tips for Campground Kid Crafts | Kid’s Crafting Tips

December 20, 2018

Campgrounds are magical places where children can run, play, and enjoy hours of uninterrupted fun. From the moment we arrive at a KOA, our three boys race from the playground to the bounce pillow to the pool. This loop pretty much repeats itself until we hitch up to go home.

In the midst of all this action, however, kids might need a bit of downtime. We offer our own children a couple of opportunities during the day to sit down and enjoy a quiet activity. This can be an easy part of your camping routine as long as you are prepared with simple, no mess crafts and projects.


At the beginning of the camping season, we pack a family craft kit. The box is kept tucked away and only brought out for specific activities. When our boys ask to do a craft, we will give them a few options and then only bring out the items needed for the chosen activities. This ensures the supplies stay organized and stocked for the entire season.

So how can you put together your own craft kit for the camping season? Here are a few of our tips, plus some suggestions for great supplies that our children have enjoyed over the last few years.

1. Stock up on free, reusable printables. We keep transparent binder inserts in our craft kit and place the activity pages inside them. You can find connect the dots, mazes, and word searches online and match them up to your children’s interests. If you use dry erase markers these pages can be recycled again and again. Another tip? Place an old sock in the kit to use as an eraser.

2. Make sure all your crayons, markers, and paint are washable. Don’t even risk it. Believe us…it’s just not worth it!


3. Include supplies that don’t make a huge mess. You don’t want to spend your vacation vacuuming up glitter from under the RV dining table. There are plenty of fun craft supplies that are mess free. Make sure you stock up on glue dots or sticks instead of white glue. Pipe cleaners, pom poms, and craft sticks are easy to pack, store, and clean up.

4. Pack supplies that are good for multiple ages. Whatever the age span is in your family, you want to make sure that no one gets left out at craft time. Stickers, window clings, and tissue paper will entertain children from 2 to 10.

5. Have a few go-to crafts that can be done at any time in any location. Your kids will have their own preferences, but our favorites are macaroni necklaces and homemade postcards. If these activities make a regular appearance over the course of the camping season, your kids will definitely develop favorites and start making requests.

Crafts at KOA

There is always plenty of activity to be had at a great family campground. Making sure to schedule quiet, creative time can help children recharge the battery and gear up for the next trip to the pool. A well-stocked campground craft kit will introduce hours of stress-free fun into your camping experiences. Now go and create your own masterpiece!

Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi are the co-hosts of RV Family Travel Atlas, a weekly podcast available in the iTunes store and on their blog. They are also parents and educators who seek out adventure with their three young children and an RV. You can follow their family shenanigans on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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