Halloween Hijinks

October 4, 2011

Yep, it’s that time of year again, when witches, wizards and goblins are out and about for Halloween parties and trick-or-treating. To make your All-Hallow’s Eve even more fun, we’ve created these awesome downloadable pumpkin carving patterns for your use. We also thought we’d share some interesting legends and facts about this fall holiday.

Bobbing For Apples
There are actually several different theories about this fall party favorite. Some believe that the person who first gets the apple will be the first to marry, similar to catching a bridal bouquet at a wedding. Others say that it pays tribute to Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruit whose symbol is the apple. And at least one historian believes that it started because apples and other fruits were thrown into a lake to lure witches. But no matter why it started, the fact is that it’s a whole lot of fun.

What’s Up With Black Cats?
Now we know that a lot of folks are crazy about their pets, but according to legend, witches of long ago had a very special connection to black cats. Some believed that witches could transform themselves into cats; others believed that black cats were a form of a “familiar”. According to folklore, a “familiar” is a spirit who appeared in disguise to help witches in their magical practices. As a result, black cats have long gotten a bad rap for bringing bad luck.

Trick or Treating
Again, there are many versions of how and when Trick-or-Treating became a part of Halloween celebrations. From as early as the 14th century, souling was a popular activity in Great Britain, which singers went from door to door, begging for cakes in exchange for prayers for the dearly departed. In Scotland, the tradition of guising has for more than a century encouraged children to perform entertainment in exchange for gifts. And in the U.S., the current form of trick-or-treating became common place by the 1940’s.

Sweet Tooth?
According to the Nielsen Company, more than 600 million pounds ($1.9 billion) of candy is sold during the week of Halloween each year in North America. Although chocolate remains a strong favorite, people still crave the seasonal favorite candy corn. In fact, if Brach’s, the largest manufacturer of the sugary sweet, lined up all of the candy corn and Mellowcremes they sell each year end-to-end, they would circle the earth four times.

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