Get Crafty With Marshmallows for Yummy Camping Fun


August is Marshmallow Month! We thought it would be the perfect time to share a few craft ideas that involve one of North America’s favorite treats.

Many KOA campgrounds plan crafts and activities for kids, and while eating s’mores may be the number one fun marshmallow activity, marshmallows crafts are also a blast. You can use the fluffy little puffs for painting, building, molding and even games. And if the kids sneak one or two, it’s probably better than eating paste, yes? Check out our Pinterest page for these activities and more. Share your favorite marshmallow crafts in the Comments section below!

Marshmallow Stamping – Skewer marshmallows on wooden sticks and dip into shallow bowls of craft paint. Use the paint-dipped marshmallows to stamp designs on paper.

Marshmallow Tower – Divide kids into teams and give each team a bag of mini marshmallows and a pack of spaghetti noodles. Connect the spaghetti noodles with marshmallows “joints” to build structures. See who can build the tallest tower!

Marshmallow Constellations – Use mini marshmallows connected together with toothpicks to create the shapes of constellations — Big Dipper, Orion’s Belt, etc.

Candy Necklaces – Use a straw to punch a whole through a marshmallow and then string it on a length of thin licorice (licorice whips or laces). Use frosting to decorate the marshmallow with colorful sprinkles.

Edible Art – Skewer marshmallows on wooden sticks and let kids decorate them with edible magic markers (available at craft stores). Draw animals, flowers, clowns, monsters, or let them go wild with freeform scribbles. Then let them eat their creations!

Marshmallow Trivia
Here are a few fun marshmallow facts to share while the kids are crafting.

• Ancient Egyptians were the first to eat marshmallows, about 2000 BC. They gathered sap from the mallow plant, which grows in marshes, and combined it with honey.

• The Egyptians first used the confection to soothe sore throats. Later, nuts were added and it became a dessert for royalty.

• Marshmallows were a popular treat in 19th century France, and the French replaced mallow sap with gelatin, allowing for more marshmallows to be made.

• An American invented the “extrusion machine” in the 1940s, which created the marshmallow shape we know today. It also allowed for mass production of marshmallows.

• Americans buy more marshmallows than anyone else — 90 million pounds every year!

• No one knows for sure who invented the s’more, but the recipe was first mentioned in the book “Tramping and Trailing With the Girl Scouts” in 1927. The Girl Scouts are credited with coming up with the name “s’more.”

• KOA was the first to build the biggest s’more in the Guinness Book of World Records. Built in 1999 at the Cape Hatteras, NC KOA campground, it used 284 pounds of graham crackers, 374 pound of chocolate and 131 pounds of toasted marshmallows!

• Marsha & Mel are the KOA mascots, and they are two giant toasted marshmallows.