30 Fun Things to Do With Your Homeschoolers

March 28, 2023

Unique Homeschool Activities

When kids learn from home, they often have more opportunities to explore and develop knowledge and skills about things not usually taught in school. While you will have to follow a curriculum that meets the state’s standards and guidelines, you have more freedom in your teaching methods to get children excited about homeschool and learning.

30 Fun Things to Do With Homeschoolers

Here are some unique activities for homeschoolers of all ages to make learning fun.

A family blows bubbles during a backyard camping day.

1. Camp in Your Backyard

Camping helps kids learn essential skills to survive outdoors. By starting in your backyard, you can teach your kids how to set up a tent and get them acclimated to sleeping outside. If they get scared, your home and their bed are close by.

2. Experiment With Triboluminescence and Wintergreen Candies

A cool homeschool idea for science is creating lightning in your mouth at night or in a dark room. To make the sparks happen, dry your mouth as much as possible, then crunch on a wintergreen mint with your mouth open to see the flashes of light. The process is known as triboluminescence and happens because of friction.

3. Go Geocaching

Get active during one of your homeschooling lessons by geocaching. It is an excellent activity for teaching kids basic geography concepts, how to read a map and estimate distances. Kids will have fun searching for treasures while exercising and learning about geography and nature.

4. Learn About Constellations and Stars

At night, you can go star gazing and learn about constellations like the Big Dipper and Little Dipper. You could also take binoculars or a telescope to look at the stars, the moon, planets and other night-sky objects.

Three kids and adult hold hands while on a nature trail.

5. Take Nature Walks

Help your children learn about plants, animals, soil and the environment with a fun outdoor homeschool activity like nature walks. You can teach them how to identify animal tracks and poisonous plants. Children can also learn about the diverse ecosystems and habitats that make up their surroundings.

6. Make Ice Cream

When you want a fun homeschool project that still teaches a fundamental science concept, consider making ice cream using bags, salt, cream, sugar and ice. You will put the ice cream ingredients in a bag, then place it in a bigger bag filled with ice and salt. Shake the bags and see how the liquid turns into a solid. The experiment is a great way to discuss the states of matter, and it also gives everyone a delicious treat!

7. Camp at a Campground

Once your children acclimate to sleeping outdoors, you can take the next step and have an overnight camping trip at a campground. Camping in a different location can offer new lessons and challenges for kids as they develop more outdoor skills. Stay at a Kampgrounds of America campground to teach your kids more survival skills in a safe and controlled environment.

A grandmother and grandchild work together in a lush green garden.

8. Start a Garden

Grow food and teach your kids about plants, soil and biology while starting a garden. Whether you start with a few seeds for one or two vegetables or plant several beds with mixed vegetables, your children will feel good knowing that they helped grow the food you will eat.

9. Raise Butterflies

Teach about metamorphosis by raising butterflies and releasing them into the wild. Children can see how butterflies start as a caterpillar, form a chrysalis, then transform into the beautiful butterflies they know.

10. Cook or Bake Something

Having your children cook or bake something makes for a great homeschool activity. The food they can make will depend on their age and cooking ability. Knowing how to make food is an essential life skill, but it is also a great way to learn about chemistry, math and following directions.

Young girl points at an interactive map in a museum.

11. Visit an Art Museum

Introduce your children to fine art and get their brains working when you go on a field trip to an art museum. While learning about the artists and viewing each piece, you could ask your kids to interpret what they think each means. An activity like that engages their critical thinking skills.

12. Play Book Bingo

Whether your kid is younger or older, creating a book bingo game is an excellent way to encourage more reading. Create boards with different genres or topics labeled in each box for the type of books they should try reading or make it more general by encouraging them to read every day.

13. Write and Draw a Comic

Foster your child’s creativity with a homeschool learning activity that involves writing and drawing a comic. To tie the project into the curriculum you are teaching, give a prompt requiring them to base the comic around what they have learned.

Little girl in plaid shirt pets a pony through a fence.

14. Visit a Farm

Another great outdoor homeschooling idea is a trip to a local farm. Your children will love learning about and seeing the various animals. Some farms even offer a program for kids to be a farmer for the day, where they can help with some of the daily chores and learn what farming is all about.

15. Learn a New Language

Encourage your kids to learn a new language. You can use apps like Duolingo or other language learning programs to help foster development and understanding.

16. Learn How to Build a Fire

Spend time outside while teaching your child essential survival skills like building and lighting a fire. Teach them what to look for in kindling and appropriate firewood, how to structure the pieces they gathered and the safe and proper way to start and extinguish a fire.

Closeup of a teenager writing in a notebook.

17. Write Short Stories

Make English class more exciting by spending a lesson focused on writing short stories. Kids can use their imagination to craft interesting stories that satisfy your prompt. You could use the activity to teach grammar and spelling or focus on storytelling.

18. Create a Family Tree

Dive deep into your family’s history by learning about your ancestry. Make a family tree to showcase your family’s lineage and any interesting facts you learn about your family members.

19. Visit History Museums

Let your kids see historical artifacts in person. Take a trip to a history museum to conduct a homeschool activity like a scavenger hunt to find different artifacts and write about them.

20. Make an Instrument

You could teach about sound, art and music in one lesson by centering a homeschool project around making an instrument from things you can find around the house.

21. Exercise Together

Exercise comes in all forms, and with homeschooling, you have the flexibility to do activities beyond a typical gym class. You could go hiking, follow some videos off YouTube or create your own way of staying active.

A little boy and little girl play with a math puzzle game on the floor.

22. Play Math-Based Games

Make math fun by playing card games. Children can learn basic geometry concepts while playing SET, a card game with various shapes and colors. You could also run math drills but make them fun by using a deck of cards and seeing who can add, subtract, multiply or divide the numbers correctly first.

23. Conduct the Mentos in Coca-Cola Experiment

A thrilling experiment everyone will love involves Mentos and Coca-Cola. Create a fountain and see what happens when the chemicals in soda react with the chemicals from Mentos. Ensure you complete the experiment outside if possible because it gets messy.

24. Build a Shelter Outside

A fun outdoor homeschooling project is learning how to make a shelter using the natural materials around you. Spend time teaching your children how to create a warm place to sleep if they end up alone outside for a long time.

25. Craft Using Leaves

Embrace all mother nature offers by repurposing leaves as art supplies. You could have your kid collect different-shaped leaves, then place a piece of paper on top of them to color with a crayon and get the leaves’ imprint. It makes a quick and easy art lesson.

Daughter and mother hiking in forest using compass and map to navigate

26. Learn How to Read a Map and Compass

Teach your kids how to read a map and compass as one of their interactive lessons for the day. This activity pairs well with geocaching.

27. Go Birding

During a nature walk or another occasion, you could teach a lesson about birds and try to spot some of the ones you talked about. The fun activity will help your children get outdoors and learn something new.

28. Learn About Insects and Bugs

While insects and bugs are not for everyone, many children are interested and love to learn about the creatures. An activity you could conduct involving them includes using a flashlight to attract and gather many insects in one spot. Certain insects and bugs move toward light, so you could explain why that happens.

29. Make Scrapbooks or Keep a Journal

Encourage your children to document their lessons and adventures by keeping a journal or scrapbooking. Writing information down after learning can help it stick in their brains.

30. Create a Time Capsule

To show how deterioration and history work, you could create a time capsule with your kids and open it when they are older. Everyone likely forgot what was in it, so opening it can bring back fun memories and spark some great discussions.

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