Fun Holiday Recipes: Gingerbread Log Cabin & Campfire S’more Martini

December 2, 2013

Fun, flavorful and above all, festive. These recipes are real crowd-pleasers.

Gingerbread Log Cabin


• Graham Crackers (Alternately you can use thick cardboard for walls and roof)
• 40 Chocolate Pirouette Cookies (Pepperidge Farm)
• Pretzel Sticks
• Graham Cracker
• Sugar cones
• Spearmint Leaves
• Assorted gumdrops and candies
• Royal Icing
¼ cup meringue powder (found in the cake decorating section)
½ cup water
4 cups powdered sugar
Beat the meringue powder and water together until stiff peaks are formed. Mix in the powdered sugar one cup at a time until smooth.


1. To make both sidewalls, use the royal icing to glue two three-section graham crackers together on the long edge. Reinforce the joint with more frosting and a fourth section of graham cracker. Repeat this for the other sidewall.

2. To make the roof, glue three whole and intact four-section graham crackers together on the long edge using the royal icing. Use a fourth of a graham cracker section over each joint to reinforce the section. Repeat this to create the other side of the roof.

3. To make the front and back walls, glue together with icing two three-section graham crackers on the long edges. Repeat this and then join both sections to create a larger square. Use fourth-of-a-graham-cracker sections over the joints to reinforce. After the frosting has dried a bit, using a serrated knife carefully trim off the top corners to create the front and back pitch of the house.

4. Turn the sides so that the joint reinforcing crackers are on the inside and assemble the walls on a sheet of stiff cardboard. Using the frosting, attach the round cookies to the outside of the house overlapping ends like a log cabin. You may need to break off the ends of the cookies to fit. Continue until the walls are completely covered.

5. Add the roof attaching with frosting. Frost the outside of the roof and add icicles made of icing to the front.

6. Use the pretzel sticks to make a front door and window frames. Tint some icing yellow to make windows. Use graham cracker sticks or cookies to make steps.

7. Make trees by turning the sugar cones upside down and attaching spearmint leaves cut in half to the cones with icing. Gumdrops or other candies can also be used for decoration.

— — — — —

Campfire S’more Martini


• 1 part Smirnoff Fluffed Marshmallow Vodka
• 1 part chocolate liqueur
• 1 part heavy cream
• Chocolate Syrup
• Graham Crackers
• Marshmallows

Equipment: Martini shaker, 2 prep plates, marshmallow roasting gear or kitchen torch


1. Place two small prep plates and pour chocolate syrup on one and crushed graham crackers on another
2. Rim martini glasses in a splash of vodka, then roll in graham crackers
3. In a martini shaker, combine Marshmallow vodka, chocolate liquor, heavy cream and 1 tablespoon chocolate syrup and shake with ice
4. Drain and pour into glasses.
5. Roast 2 marshmallows per martini over the fire or with a kitchen torch
6. Add marshmallows as garnish

— — — — —

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