Camping Foil Dinner Recipe: Hobo Packs

December 18, 2010


  • Step One: After you’re finished s’more making, and marshmallow roasting you want to get your campfire down to tightly packed red glowing embers.
  • Step Two: Take a good sized sheet of aluminum foil and put some chopped potatoes in the middle, add some sliced carrots, assorted spices, chicken, steak,or a small roast (or anything really!)
  • Step Three: Wrap everything into a tight ball-shaped pack, as airtight as possible, and then add another sheet of aluminum foil.
  • Step Four: Stick the “hobo packs” into the coals and let them cook for a few hours. It takes awhile, but they’re worth the wait. “I’ve heard of a traveler’s variation of hobo packs that date back to the 1950’s called ‘car-b-que,’” Andy says. “It’s the same principle, but instead of campfire coals you stick the packs on the engine block of your vehicle, and your meal cooks while you’re driving. I’ve heard it takes about 60 miles, but I’ve never actually tried it. Maybe this summer.”

Meet the Nieradkos:  “The Nieradko family is from Connecticut,” says Andy. “ We quit staying in hotels on our frequent road trips a few years ago, when we discovered KOA’s are a much more fun. Our last trip we stayed at a personal family record of 7 different Kampgrounds in one trip. We’d have a hard time picking a favorite as we’ve yet to find a bad one.”

All right, KOA Kampers. How do you make your favorite foil dinners? Chicken with mushrooms? Beef and carrots? Tell us your foil-fixin’ secrets!

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