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Collapsible Camping Gear From A to Z

We all know space is at a premium when packing up the RV or camper, so we took a look at collapsible gear that minimizes space and maximizes fun. We’ve gathered a list of foldable, space saving wonders, some old favorites and some new discoveries. Just click on the ones that interest you.

What are your favorite space savers when camping? Let us know in the comments below!

Minimize tools with this multipurpose axe.
Tote water, shower stuff, just about anything in this sweet bucket.
Ice up the beer and sodas with this super cool cooler.
Make clean up easy with dish drainer that fits most RV sinks.
Send the kids on adventures with this eco lunch box.
This adorable little guy puts the fun in funnel.
Clean up everyone’s act with this garbage can.
Laze away the afternoon in this comfy hammock.
Remove the wrinkles with this ironing board.
Store extra water in a jug that folds down to nothing.
Enjoy a spot of tea with this ingenious kettle.
Shine a little light on the situation with this lantern.
Cook up a storm with these measuring cups.
Streamline the kitchen with these amazing nesting bowls.
Check out this crazy ovenware.
What to do when rover comes over? Pop him in this pup tent.
Extra guests? Blow up this queen bed.
Green the campsite with this handy recycling container.
Clear the cupboards with these storage bowls or this fine salad spinner.
These origami tubs are remarkable.
Another super cool nesting set. Check out these utensils.
Craft project and flower vase all in one!
Cart the kids, firewood or groceries in this handy wagon.
Traveling over the holidays? This xmas tree will add sparkle to your site.
Don’t forget downward dog, this foldable yoga mat gets teeny tiny.
Ahhh, don’t you feel better saving all this space? Take a break in this heavenly zero gravity chair.