Breakfast on a Bagel

July 9, 2012

Breakfast is easy–and yummy–with this recipe.

One of our favorite out-of-the-way places is Erieau in Southwestern Ontario. Erieau sits at the tip of a peninsula jutting between Lake Erie and Rondeau Bay. It lies in Canada’s deep south, on the migratory path of birds and butterflies. The village is surrounded by tomato, tobacco, corn, carrot, cauliflower, broccoli, radish and onion fields, and blueberry, apple, peach and cherry orchards. Unique Great Lakes’ fishing boats cast their nets and haul in yellow perch and walleye to be served at village eateries, Eau Buoy Galley and Molly & O.J.’s. Nearby attractions include Rondeau Provincial Park, South Buxton Raceway, Smith and Wilson Estate Winery, Buxton Museum, Uncle Tom’s Cabin and RM Classic Cars.

On a calm summer day, Lake Erie looks much like the Mediterranean, with varying shades of turquoise. On windy days, it’s known to imitate the Atlantic. Its unpredictable personality can change without warning. Thus the amount of ship wrecks over the years and, consequently, the assortment of sea glass along the beach.

This best-kept-secret is becoming a desired destination for RVers, bikers, fishermen and sun-worshippers. Whenever we’re in town, we stop by the Eau Buoy Galley for their breakfast on a bagel. Here’s how to make your own version of this morning favorite (Shhhh! Don’t tell them we snuck you their recipe.)


3 ounces (85 g) cooked smoked ham, bacon or sausage patty
1 egg
1 bagel, sliced through
1 slice processed cheese


Cook the ham, bacon or sausage patty.

Fry the egg. Flip the egg to cook it through and break the yolk to ensure the egg will not be runny on the bagel.

Lightly butter the bagel on both sides. If a dry-toasted bagel is preferred, do not butter.

Place the bagel in a hot frying pan or on a griddle, with cut, buttered sides down. Press down on the bagel halves to toast and heat the bagel.

Trim the edges of the egg to fit the bagel. Pile the trimmings on top of the egg.

Build the breakfast on the bagel by layering the meat, egg and cheese on the bottom half of the bagel.

Place the bagel top on the cheese to form a sandwich — and enjoy!

Makes 1 serving

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