Camping Mad Libs


To play, ask someone for the types of words for each blank before reading the story. Fill in the blanks with their answers, then read the story out loud!

Our Camping Trip

When I found out we were going camping, I ________(verb that ends in -ed) with joy. We packed up our ________ (vehicle) and hit the road. On the way, Mom kept singing ________(song title) over and over.

As soon as we arrived at our KOA campground, I wanted to go fishing. I caught a ________(number)-pound fish, but all my dad caught was a _________(thing).

Back in our Deluxe Cabin, I heard a _________(adjective) noise. I was convinced it was a ________(animal), but it turns out it was just my brother.

At night, we gathered around our campfire to tell scary stories about ________(famous person). I cooked a s’more with graham crackers, marshmallows, and of course, ________(food). Dad almost stepped in the fire, but only burnt his ________(article of clothing).

Tomorrow, I can’t wait to go ________(activity)!