9 Best Camping Stoves

December 19, 2023

If you are heading out into the great outdoors, you may be looking for some portable kitchen options. Camp stoves are excellent for tent or car campers who cannot travel with a stove like in an RV. They expand your cooking options so you can make all your favorite at-home meals on the road.

What Is the Best Camp Stove to Buy?

As you consider your camp stove purchase, you will find many options with various prices and features. A good quality stove will reliably cook at high and low temperatures. It will be easy to use even outdoors in the wind. Your choice may vary depending on how much you are willing to spend and your packing space. Browse this list to find the best camping stoves in various categories.

1. Best Overall: Camp Chef Everest 2X

Cost: $189.99

Weight: 15 pounds

BTUs: 10,000 (per burner)

When you seek the best value for money spent, turn to the Camp Chef Everest 2X camp stove. It uses an auto igniter, making it easy to start. The stove has good temperature control, so it is easy to use it for boiling or simmering. The large surface gives you enough room to fit your pots and pans. It works well outdoors with a lid and windscreens.

The only negative is its size. The stove takes up quite a bit of space and is heavier than other options on the market.

2. Best Affordability: Coleman Cascade Classic

Cost: $99.99

Weight: 11.9 pounds

BTUs: 10,000 (per burner)

The Coleman Cascade Classic saves you money on your stove purchase while still offering a powerful cooking option. It is a good choice for those on a budget or those new to camping who want a basic but quality option. The stove offers similar functionality as higher-end models with moderate heat output and windscreens to keep the flame burning.

One downside is the temperature control. The knobs are a bit difficult to use to manage the heat output, making cooking a bit less precise. You may also need more power in harsh conditions or when cooking for larger groups.

3. Best Packability: Kovea Slim Twin Propane

Cost: $129.00

Weight: 10 pounds

BTUs: 10,500 (per burner)

When every inch and pound matters, the Kovea Slim Twin Propane Stove provides a small profile and lightweight design. When packed away, the stove is only 2.5 inches thick. Despite its size, the stove is robust and sturdy. It has adjustable windscreens and piezo ignition. Quality heat control allows for easy simmering or boiling. The only downside is the propane adapter does not fit inside the stove, so you must pack it separately.

4. Best Large Capacity: Camp Chef Explorer

Cost: $149.99

Weight: 34.5 pounds

BTUs: 30,000 (per burner)

When you head out on your family reunion or another sizeable camping trip, take the Camp Chef Explorer for plenty of cooking space. This stove is freestanding with a large, 14- by 32-inch cook surface and plenty of power for large pots. The high power output makes the flames wind resistant. The stove fits various Camp Chef accessories, like griddle tops and pizza ovens.

The only downsides are the size and lack of auto-ignition. The stove also requires a large propane tank, which will take up extra packing space but lasts longer.

5. Best Single Burner: Eureka SPRK+ Camp Stove

Cost: $64.95

Weight: 3.2 pounds

BTUs: 11,500

Whether you want to save on space, add a burner to your existing setup or cook for one, the Eureka SPRK+ Camp Stove is a suitable option. This stove’s high energy output makes it a great choice for heating even the heaviest pans. The stove is lightweight and comes with a carrying case for convenient transport. The fuel canister slots directly into the stove body for easy fueling.

While the stove is easy to fuel, it runs on butane, which is sometimes challenging to find. It has a windscreen around the burner, but it might not always be enough protection to keep the flame going.

6. Best Innovation: Jetboil Genesis Basecamp

Cost: $279.95

Weight: 6.2 pounds

BTUs: 10,000 (per burner)

The Jetboil Genesis Basecamp uses an innovative clamshell design with two burners that fold together for storage in the provided carrying case. This design makes the stove compact and fun to use. You can even chain additional burners to create a larger cooktop surface. The system has efficient heating and precise heat control for any cooking temperature.

One downside is the price, which is more than most cookstoves on the market. It also has less wind resistance than other stove models.

7. Best Heat Control: GSI Outdoors Selkirk 540+

Cost: $149.95

Weight: 10 pounds

BTUs: 14,000 (per burner)

This powerful stove has a high heat output. The precise flame control on the GSI Outdoors Selkirk 540+ allows you to cook at various temperatures. It is lighter than many other camp stoves, yet it offers a large cooktop with plenty of room. The flat basin and removable grate make it easy to clean. The stove is less compact than other models, and the windscreens leave a gap that can interfere with the flame.

8. Best Simmer: Primus Kinjia Camping Stove

Cost: $201.04

Weight: 8.2 pounds

BTUs: 10,200 (per burner)

When you want an option for low-heat cooking for delicate dishes like omelets or fish, choose the Primus Kinjia Camping Stove. It has a sleek, attractive design with a black body and wooden handle. The compact size makes it easy to pack. A few downsides are the lack of windscreens and the separate fuel stand, which could get lost easily.

9. Best Cooking Surface: Eureka Ignite Plus

Cost: $159.95

Weight: 12 pounds

BTUs: 10,000 (per burner)

The Eureka Ignite Plus offers dependable cooking, with a large cooking surface that fits two 12-inch pots. It has a durable steel design with metal latches, keeping the body safe during transport. The stove also uses an easy push-button igniter. While the product is relatively standard, except for its larger size, it is a solid and affordable choice.

Plan Your Next Camping Trip

Now that you know the best portable camping stoves, you can choose one that suits your needs based on your budget, group size, cooking requirements and other factors.

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