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Camping in Arizona

In which direction is Arizona pulling you? Do you want to go for a hike in the red rocks of Sedona or ski the slopes of Flagstaff’s Snowbowl? Maybe you’re called to chase myths and legends that lie in the Superstition Mountains. No matter where you want to go, KOA will provide you with the best campgrounds in Arizona.

Pick a central KOA campground as a hub for your Arizona adventures or choose a handful and work your way from desert sands to aspen peaks. However you want to travel around Arizona, we have fantastic camping solutions to help make this trip one the whole family will remember for years to come.

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Popular Arizona Attractions

  • Route 66
  • Petrified Forest National Park
  • Meteor Crater
  • Four Corners
  • Painted Dessert
  • Lake Havasu
  • Hoover Dam

Find Your Arizona Campground

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Benson KOA Journey
Benson, AZ
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Flagstaff KOA Holiday
Flagstaff, AZ
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Grand Canyon / Williams KOA Journey
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Kingman KOA Journey
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Picacho / Tucson NW KOA Journey
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Salome KOA Journey
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Seligman / Route 66 KOA Journey
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Tucson / Lazydays KOA Resort
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Willcox / Cochise, AZ KOA Holiday
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Williams / Exit 167 / Circle Pines KOA Holiday
Williams, AZ
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Visit Arizona Attractions the Whole Family Will Love

Arizona is the epitome of the Southwest — the stuff of outlaw legends and countless postcards. While you’ll certainly find the iconic desert, which stretches with towering saguaro cactuses in the south, you may also be surprised to discover the range of opportunities the state offers any visitor. That's why guests at KOA love the affordable lodging options available to them.

Words are hard to come by when you’re standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon, one of the seven natural wonders of the world — but you might be even more in awe of the unbelievable mile-wide Meteor Crater. You can also explore aspen forests in the San Francisco Peaks or the famous ghost town of Jerome. From desert scenes right out of a movie to dense mountain forests, you’ll find Arizona to be everything you could want in a Southwest adventure — and so much more.

Find A Relaxing Campground With The Right Amenities For You

Throughout Arizona, KOA is proud to provide guests with affordable camping options, convenient amenities and enthusiastic customer service. The team at KOA is focused on making sure you have everything you need and that your stay is as enjoyable as possible. You'll gain access to some comforts you're sure to love, like laundry facilities, clean bathrooms with hot water, clean and level sites and other amenities that make your trip a easier and more fun.

KOA campgrounds offer something for the whole family. How would you like to play some hoops or cruise in a paddle boat? Maybe you want to cannonball into a swimming pool or play a round of mini golf. Each location has great activities that are waiting for you to enjoy at the family campgrounds at KOA in Arizona. Check specific campgrounds in Arizona to see which features and activities are available.

Choose From a Variety of Ways to Camp

Whether you're focused on a more traditional camping excursion or you'd like something a little different, you have a variety of options to consider, such as:

  • Tent camping: Pack your tent and head to a KOA campground for some of the best tent camping in Arizona. There's no better experience than sleeping under the beautiful starry skies this state is famous for.
  • Camping Cabins:Enjoy your camping trip without having to pack a tent. When you reserve a Camping Cabin, you'll find convenient features like beds, electricity and a roof to keep out the elements.
  • Deluxe Cabins:Deluxe Cabins offer an elevated experience you won't want to miss. They include all the features of a traditional Camping Cabin with the added bonus of a private bathroom and often other amenities like TVs, kitchenettes and more.
  • RV Sites:If you’re planning your trip in your RV, you need to check out everything we have just for you. KOA campgrounds in Arizona are equipped with a number of options for a comfortable stay, such as 30 and 50-amp service, full-hookups, KOA Patio Sites® for an elevated RV camping experience and more.
  • More Unique lodging options:Many KOA locations include unique lodging options you won't find anywhere else, such as Glamping Tents, yurts, Airstreams and many more. Be sure to check with a specific KOA campground to find out what's available as lodging options vary by campground and not all KOA campgrounds offer unique lodging options.

Make a Reservation Now and Get Ready for Fun in Arizona

KOA has 13 great campgrounds all across Arizona, meaning there’s a perfect campsite to claim as your own for your next trip. Reserve now and make sure your camping experience is one you won’t find anywhere else. It’s easy — you can make your reservation online or give us a call.

FAQs for Camping in Arizona

Arizona's weather changes drastically between each season. From hot and arid summers to cold and snowy winters, Arizona is known for its extreme temperatures. During the summer, temperatures can reach up to 120 degrees during the day, which limits the opportunity for outdoor activities. With that being said, the best time to visit Arizona is during the fall and spring, when the weather is comfortable and without extremes. You'll also skip the huge crowds if visiting during the off-season. Since summer break is one of the most popular times to travel, hotels and flights are more expensive so you might be able to find some travel deals.

Arizona is full of adventure. Arizona is best known for the Grand Canyon, but the adventure doesn't stop there. Another famous outdoor attraction is the Hoover Dam, one of America's most impressive engineering marvels. A few of the other top outdoor attractions in Arizona is Monument Valley, Desert Botanical Garden, Horseshoe Bend, and Cathedral Rock.

As summers can be extremely hot, Arizona also has amazing indoor attractions. One of the most popular indoor attractions you should add to your list is the Heard Museum. This museum is a not-for-profit museum located in Phoenix. It's dedicated to the advancement of American Indian art. Another popular museum is Phoenix is the Phoenix Art Museum. It's the largest museum for visual art in the southwest United States. There are a bunch of other museums and historical sites to check out during your visit to Arizona.

During the warmer months, hiking and camping are at the top of the list for the most popular outdoor activities in Arizona. From the beautiful Grand Canyon to Devil's Bridge Trail, Arizona is full of some of the best hiking in America. Since there are such large areas of desert expanses, thrill seekers get to experience off-roading and four-wheeling. The many lakes in Arizona allow for a perfect day of boating, fishing, water sports and more. Even if you're just looking to relax in the great outdoors, the captivating scenery is the perfect place to relax and connect with nature.

When winter rolls around, outdoor enthusiasts get to experience winter fun whether it's snowboarding, cross-country skiings, sledding, or snowshoeing. If you're searching for a ski resort to check out, The Arizona Snowbowl Ski Resort in Flagstaff offers 23 miles of slopes available and is home to 260 inches of average snowfall.

Arizona is home to some of the most well-known national parks in the country. The three national parks in Arizona are Grand Canyon National Park, Saguaro National Park, and Petrified Forest National Park.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most visited and well-known national parks. When visiting Arizona, the Grand Canyon has to be a part of your itinerary. Saguaro National Park, located in southern Arizona, is most famous for the large saguaro cactus. If you visit this park, you'll get the chance to see these enormous cacti along with wildlife and scenic drives. In the northeast part of Arizona is the final national park, the Petrified Forest National Park. This park is full of colorful petrified wood and some of the most impressive fossils ever found.

There are currently 31 state parks in Arizona. The state parks in Arizona are often overlooked by tourists who head directly to the Grand Canyon. These parks are perfect places to go camping, hiking, and exploring. Some of the state parks are so close together that several parks can be visited in one day.

One of the most popular state parks in Arizona is Slide Rock State Park in Oak Creek. The park is named from the stretch of its slippery creek bed that acts as a natural waterslide. Visitors can swim, tube, or simply sunbathe along the rock bed. Another spectacular park is Tonto Natural Bridge State Park in central Arizona. The bridge spans 393 feet from one side of the tunnel to the other and stands 183 feet high, making it a truly breathtaking sight.

As the sixth largest state in the United States, Arizona has several different dining regions. Arizona has so many incredible restaurants to choose from. A few of the must-try Arizona foods are cheese crisps, chimichangas, and sonoran hot dogs.

If you're looking to try a chimichanga from the inventor herself, stop by El Charro Cafe. In the mid-1950s, Chef Monica Flynn accidentally invented the chimichanga when she accidentally dropped a burrito into a deep fryer. Now you can find the delicious, crispy dish spread all throughout Arizona.

Sonoran hot dogs are hot dogs wrapped in bacon and smothered in queso, nestled on top of refried beans and placed inside a Mexican baguette. Want to try it? Nogales Hot Dogs is a local staple for sonoran hot dogs.

A few of the other top restaurants in Arizona are Steak 44 in Phoenix, The Henry in Phoenix, Dominick's Steakhouse in Scottsdale, and Mariposa in Sedona.

The Grand Canyon State is one of the most popular camping destinations due to having everything an outdoorsman could want or need. Camping in Arizona allows visitors to experience some of the best views and outdoor activities. Depending on the season, the temperature in Arizona can be brutal when there are extreme temperatures, so you'll definitely have to do some planning.

Finding a location to park your camper or set up your tent won't be difficult as there are so many camping options whether you're looking to camp in the mountains, near lakes, in the forests, or at a campground. With all the options available, you can have your pick of scenery and campground type. From deserts to lakes, there are so many different sceneries to choose from.

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