5 Destinations For Hiking in Virginia Beach

5 Destinations For Hiking in Virginia Beach

5 Destinations For Hiking in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is considered by many to be one of the top family-friendly beach resorts on the East Coast. However, this lovely oceanfront community also boasts incredible natural wonders that are best experienced on foot. The hiking trails found in and around Virginia Beach offer a glimpse into this unique ecosystem of sand dunes, coastal waterways, bayside habitats, lovely forests, as well as marshes and tidal wetlands.

5 Hiking Trails in Virginia Beach

When you book your stay at Virginia Beach KOA Holiday®, serves as your gateway to the great hiking, biking and recreational trails found in Virginia Beach. In this time of social distancing and safety measures, the serene and peaceful state and city parks located throughout the area remain open for daytime use. You can stay safe and get the exercise and fresh air you need when you hit the trails in Virginia Beach. Here are five favorites. 

1. First Landing State Park

More than four hundred years ago, English colonists landed on the shores of Virginia Beach. However, this region was already home to Native Americans who easily traversed the many waterways and wooded paths. Visit First Landing State Park and hike one of its many trails to get a first-hand glimpse into what life was like for these early inhabitants.

The Bald Cypress trail takes you through 1.8 miles of enchanting cypress swamps. It includes boardwalks and platforms where you can get a close-up view of this one-of-a-kind ecosystem. At 6.1 miles, the Cape Henry Trail is First Landing's longest trail. Much of the path is shaded by impressive pine and live oak trees.

2. False Cape State Park

If you are looking to see Virginia Beach in its most primitive, untouched form, be sure to take to the trails at False Cape State Park. Located between Back Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, this area is one of the last undeveloped areas, not just in Virginia Beach, but anywhere along the Atlantic coast. The trails vary in length and difficulty and will take you through one gorgeous setting after another —

3. Pleasure House Point Natural Area

This pristine spot features 118 acres of sandy shores, tidal marsh and maritime forest. The sandy trails make for a relaxing excursion for all levels of hikers. This high-profile location has been saved from development so that nature lovers can enjoy an untouched destination between the Lynnhaven River and the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay for generations to come.

4. Lake Lawson/Lake Smith Nature Area

With over 12,000 feet of shoreline, this lovely nature preserve is a great place to wander the wooded trails that Virginia Beach is known for. While many come for the fishing, the hiking here will take you through 42 acres of bayside beauty and over a charming pedestrian bridge.

5. Mount Trashmore Park

For all intents and purposes, Mount Trashmore is neither a mountain nor a natural feature of Virginia Beach. This beloved local destination is actually a former landfill that was painstakingly converted into the lovely park and family attraction it is today. If you're curious to view the highest peak in Virginia Beach up close, take to the multi-use trail. Before heading out, however, be sure to trot up the stairs to get a peek of Virginia Beach from a great vantage point.

4 Biking Trails in Virginia Beach

One of the best ways to see Virginia Beach is on two wheels! Virginia Beach KOA Holiday® offers bike rentals for campers so they can cruise around the campground or visit trails like: 

  1. Cape Henry Trail: This flat trail is 7.5 miles in total and passes through picturesque neighborhoods and shaded wooded areas that offer bikers the chance to see wildlife and many birds. If you are looking for dog walking in Virginia Beach, the trail is also dog-friendly, so you and your furry friend can stretch your legs while the kids ride their bikes.
  2. Sand Ridge Trail: Sand Ridge Trail is in False Cape State Park and is a 6.2-mile trail that takes bikers from the park entrance to the North Carolina state border. If you want more of a challenge, the park contains over 15 miles of trails and offers the chance to explore beaches and wooded swamps.
  3. Virginia Beach Boardwalk: The Virginia Beach Boardwalk offers a separate biking path to cruise without worrying about pedestrians or cars. Stop at some of the many shops along the boardwalk or cool off in the ocean before getting back on your bike.
  4. Pungo Loop Trail: The Pungo Loop Trail is one of the best bike trails in Virginia Beach due to the fabulous views of vineyards, strawberry fields, and waterways. The entire loop is over 19 miles, and beginners should start at the Red Mill Commons area.

If pedaling isn't really your speed, campers can take advantage of transportation services such as a wave trolley and golf cart rental. The wave trolley's daily route includes the campground, so campers can get on and off at any time for an easy way to explore the area. Campers can also take advantage of golf cart rentals to get to the beachfront.

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