Tent Reviews

Jun 17, 2024
Jun 10, 2024
Jun 09, 2024
Jun 03, 2024
May 30, 2024
Not enough characters so . . .
May 13, 2024
This was our favorite campsite by far! We have a site with a shanty, which made our stay a lot easier. The site itself is really nice and it’s close to a bathroom. The only downside are the geese. They’re so loud and there are many. But we lived this place so much we’d happily deal with the geese all over again.
May 04, 2024
It was good! A nice area to camp in.
Apr 29, 2024
it is a vey nice family campground the staff are very helpful and respectful
Apr 29, 2024
Apr 22, 2024
I had to change locations because the first location would not accommodate me with a car/tent situation. The new location worked, but I disliked how far the fire pit was from my car and the geese noise kept me up most of the night. The place was beautiful. I just wasn't in the best place for me. I may return if I start using a tent that is not attached to my car. If not near geese.
Apr 15, 2024
Enjoyed our time. Loved the scavenger hunt and the community campfire night. Hope to visit again soon.
Apr 10, 2024
Nice tent spot, clean bathroom, nice people, relaxing.
Apr 10, 2024
Really enjoyed our site, but there were a couple issues that took away from stay. Firewood delivery took nearly 6 hours one day, only got response from the “texting” service once (and that was after hours when the after hours line was full), loud power washing service disrupted our final day/night, 2/3 of restrooms were kept locked and kid had accident waiting, no boats, no animal feed for goa
Oct 04, 2023
We camped out for my son’s 10th birthday. He loves nature and fishing. This was the perfect spot. Howls a lot for the kids to stay busy. Will definitely be staying again
Sep 19, 2023
Had a great time kids loved it... Bathrooms were amazingly clean... Parks we're fantastic
Sep 11, 2023
Sep 11, 2023
We have made this an annual trip for our family. A few things I noticed this year. 1. The zip line was down awaiting a part that was back ordered. If possible, it would have been nice to know this before our trip and the kids were very excited to play on it. 2. Both playgrounds could use some TLC. Each ramp is missing slats to help climb, making it dangerous and difficult for younger ones to go up
Sep 11, 2023
Sep 06, 2023
Huge campground! Had a great time and people were great. There were a few mishaps with communicating but no big deal. We will be back!
Sep 06, 2023
There is SO much to do here for the whole family. Loved the old town vibe and the country setting. Never a dull moment with plenty of activities for all ages. All facilities are clean and the staff was so friendly and helpful!
Sep 05, 2023
Fix showers by T3. Pool was freezing,
Aug 27, 2023
It was by far the best campsite I've ever stayed at, the bathrooms were immaculate every person that worked there was so friendly and very helpful everything was so well up kept. I absolutely loved our campsite we were in T5 set back in the woods a little bit it was absolutely relaxing. I will recommend this camp site to anyone I know. Thank everyone that works there for our wonderful stay.
Aug 14, 2023
I think the campground needs to make some repairs. The shanty at the tent site was pretty run down, planks needed replaced bad. A lot of the trees are over grown and drouping really low. Not many activities planned even though it was a theme weekend.
Aug 11, 2023
Amazing place, family had a great time!
Aug 11, 2023
Friendly staff, tent site small with mosquitoes close to stream
Aug 07, 2023
Love this place! BUT Very upset was told one thing and then we arrive and were told another. No crafts, no golf carts!
Aug 02, 2023
There was a lot of junk left over at my site from a previous person (I've stayed at probably 15 KOAs and have never seen this before). Hours for the general store were not posted (I'm not upset that it was closed or anything, but hours should still be posted).
Jul 22, 2023
Jul 22, 2023
Very good stay. Incredibly clean bathrooms, respectful staff and other visitors. Some things run down though unfortunately…gravity rail broken which our son really looked forward to, boats looked a little rough and the large jump pad was too flat to jump on. Everything else was fantastic
Jul 21, 2023
We love the location and expansive campus. All employees are extremely friendly and kind. The only downside is that a few of the amenities are a bit run down. Ex: zip line coaster near general store is broken , large bounce pad deflated, animal feed machine empty, animals unkempt. We really like this place and know that some of these things depend on the financials of the business not neglect.
Jul 19, 2023
We had a wonderful time. Any concerns we had were promptly addressed. Enjoyed walking around and hanging out by our campfire. All facilities and the grounds are well maintained, which is why we keep coming back!
Jul 16, 2023
Good spot for tent camping. Park was a little loud at times. Some campers were letting off fireworks around 10pm. Water was not easy to access at our site. When we went to the shower house all we had was cold water. Not the best stay we have had there.
Jul 11, 2023
This was one of the most beautiful spots for a KOA but the worst campground. Broken boards on porches, sewage with seepage smell near store and bathrooms, garbage around site, site under a huge transformer, showers dirty, poor lighting, quiet hours too late, unkempt and disorderly. half the baths and toilets were out of order. And when I contacted website it led to spam. 509-995-7420
Jul 06, 2023
This was our first time camping in over 20 years. We were pleasantly surprised by the number of amenities, although we never got to use them. My son was bummed we didn’t get to peddle boat, but the office was closed when we went to rent. Overall, we were happy with our stay. Having someone go over bathroom, trash, location at checkin would have been helpful vs using the map like a scavenger hunt
Jun 28, 2023
I camp in my van and extension cord wouldn't reach across the bridge at the site I was assigned and the mgr re-assigned me. thank you! There was a significant amount of dog poo in the grassy areas of the campground. I have dogs and know that it doesn't take much to pick up your dog's messess. Also - a broken, rotting board on the ramp to the work out building - a foot could go right through.
Jun 27, 2023
Jun 26, 2023
This was our second stay, and we still Wally like the overall feel of the campgrounds, small and quaint with plenty of amenities….however we noticed the water in the main pond was “filmy” and not as clean as our first stay in May, and Bathhouse Two, which was near our tent site, was in poor shape all weekend….no soap, and one room had nasty water on the floor either from the showers or the
Jun 18, 2023
I was very disappointed to get a text on Monday with a list of thr previous Saturdays activities. My son was very disappointed. The staff was extremely helpful and polite. I was impressed on how clean the bathrooms were.
Jun 14, 2023
Lots of fun but there was an unrelenting racoon problem. A pack was assaulting the tent all night long both nights. i had all the food packed up so no damage was done except for massive tears in our new tent. :( All else was really good.
Jun 12, 2023
Everyone was very welcoming and the campground was extremely clean.
Jun 09, 2023
My tent was trashed because the regulars left trash out and also feed the raccoons. I was swarmed and attacked upon arrival, after being told there were friendly i retuned to my site to see my one day old brand new 3 room tent destroyed and all of the dry food destroyed or eaten. The Koa said sorry and refunded me one night and said sorry.
Jun 06, 2023
Jun 05, 2023
Jun 03, 2023
May 31, 2023
Had so much fun!!! Probably one of the busiest times to visit. I did notice the bathroom didn’t have soap in the soap dispenser after Saturday. But I brought my own dish soap and just used that. Also kind of a bummer there wasn’t a pool but these things happen! My kids and I had an amazing time. Loved the trash pick up and firewood delivery - your team is stellar!! Thank you!
May 30, 2023
The bathrooms were extremely clean! We enjoyed the wooded campsite and all the activities!
Apr 28, 2023
Ducks were a bit bothersome trying to eat outside. Had to eat in vehicle. Lean to had birds nests in it
Apr 18, 2023
Nov 16, 2022
Sunbury / Columbus North KOA is an excellent KOA with lots to offer. They have made some awesome changes and additions to the campground, that with like anything, will take some time to finish up and bring it all together. My family loves to make this one of our weekends every year. We can wait to go back!!!
Jun 16, 2024
Great location, clean facilities, and a friendly staff! If you're looking for a place to camp near Buckeye Lake or in the Columbus, Ohio area, this KOA is the perfect spot!
- DLM-Distribution Campervans on Google
Jun 07, 2024
Great camp ground
- Tim on Google
May 26, 2024
So friendly,clean showers.The horses are so lovely and the pool or pond to swim in also fishing😃
- Marianne Nelson on Google