St. Louis West / Historic Route 66 KOA Holiday Campground Blog

Major Redevelopment in Arroyo in 2024


As we look ahead to 2024, we are excited to announce that we will be doing a major redevelopment of the Arroyo section of the campground.  Every site in Arroyo will be brought up to a modern standard with 50/30/20A electricity, new water and sewer connections, and paver patios.  We also anticipate...

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Hiking Trails Around St. Louis to Explore


As a visitor to St. Louis, Missouri, you can find many activities to make your trip memorable and exciting. Among these activities, hiking is an excellent choice for those looking to get outside and explore. The surrounding areas present many opportunities to exercise and immerse yourself in nature...

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Best Stops Along Route 66


Travel down the iconic Route 66. Its history and many attractions make the route a popular road trip destination for families, friends and adventurers. Whether you are using the road during your travels to a specific location or following it for fun, you'll have many places to visit. Why Is Route 66...

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Top Bike Trails in St. Louis


St. Louis is an excellent place to bring your bike and explore. Here are some of the best St. Louis bike trails to check out. Bicycle Route 66Length: 2,500 miles Skill level: Intermediate/advancedThis bicycle trail follows historic Route 66 from Chicago to California and passes through St. Louis....

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Wildlife in St. Louis, MO


When you visit St. Louis, Missouri, you have many opportunities to see an abundance of wildlife. Whether you go on a hike or visit an animal sanctuary, you and your family can see many different St. Louis animals.Types of St. Louis WildlifeHere are just a few of the animals you might see in the wild...

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Things to Do in St. Louis, MO


St. Louis is a diverse and exciting city, with plenty of things to do for everyone. Whether you are looking for good old-fashioned fun or an educational experience, St. Louis has something for you. Here is a look at what to do in St. Louis and must-see attractions.1. Gateway ArchThe Gateway Arch is...

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