Wildlife in St. Louis, MO

Wildlife in St. Louis, MO

When you visit St. Louis, Missouri, you have many opportunities to see an abundance of wildlife. Whether you go on a hike or visit an animal sanctuary, you and your family can see many different St. Louis animals.

Types of St. Louis Wildlife

Here are just a few of the animals you might see in the wild during your stay in St. Louis.


About 400 different species of birds have been recorded in Missouri. Whether you stay in the city or venture out to the countryside, you might see birds such as:

  • Northern cardinal: These bright red cardinals are seen year-round in Missouri. They like to eat various seeds, nuts and berries.
  • Blue jay: Another year-round resident in Missouri is the blue jay. You can see these birds flying and living around towns and woodlands. They are omnivorous and can be aggressive about their food. 
  • Ruby-throated hummingbirds: You can see ruby-throated hummingbirds during the summer in Missouri. They fly around to different flowers in gardens and forests to drink nectar.

Feral Hogs

You may also see feral hogs during your trip to the state. Feral hogs are an invasive and destructive species not native to the area. They can cause lots of damage in various places as they rummage for food. For your safety, it is best not to engage with any hogs you may see in the wild. 

If you see any feral hogs, be sure to notify the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Other Wild Animals

There are many animal species that call Missouri home. Other wild animals you might spot include squirrels, elk, deer and rabbits. 

Things to Do With Animals in St. Louis

While you will likely see animals during your daily travels, you can also visit various facilities to interact with native and exotic animals. Your whole family will have fun spending the day learning about new animals and seeing them in person. You might consider visiting:

  • Saint Louis Zoo: The Saint Louis Zoo is a wonderful place to explore when you want to see all kinds of animals, from amphibians and fish to reptiles, mammals and birds.
  • Endangered Wolf Center: You can gain a unique experience by visiting the Endangered Wolf Center, which houses various types of wolves from around the world. The center provides educational programs about the wolves it cares for.
  • World Bird Sanctuary: Visit the World Bird Sanctuary to see conservation and rehabilitation work in practice. The sanctuary houses all types of birds to help them heal and survive.

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