Hiking Trails Around St. Louis to Explore

Hiking Trails Around St. Louis to Explore

As a visitor to St. Louis, Missouri, you can find many activities to make your trip memorable and exciting. Among these activities, hiking is an excellent choice for those looking to get outside and explore. The surrounding areas present many opportunities to exercise and immerse yourself in nature. 

A Few of the Best Hiking Trails Near St. Louis

Many state parks and other nature areas in Missouri have fun hiking trails. If you plan on hiking near St. Louis, Missouri, here are a few nearby trails to check out. 

Spring Valley Trail

This 1.8-mile loop trail inside Cliff Cave Park gives visitors a moderately challenging hike most people can finish in under an hour. The path provides an incredible view of the Mississippi River and the exterior of Cliff Cave, once a tavern, beer cellar and saloon. You can find the trail within half an hour of the city. 

River Scene Trail 

The River Scene Trail is a 3.4-mile loop in Castlewood State Park, about 30 minutes from St. Louis. During your hike, you will see gorgeous views of the Merrimack River. You can also explore ruins of old resorts and a grand staircase leading to what was once a railroad depot. 

Hickory Ridge Trail

Visit the Hickory Ridge Trail for an easy yet beautiful hike. The 1.8-mile loop trail is located in the Powder Valley Nature Area, about 15 miles from the city. Along the walk, visitors can see beautiful forests and might glimpse deer and birds. You can also visit the nature center on-site to see an aquarium and beehive. 

Lime Kiln Loop

About 40 minutes from the center of St. Louis, the Rockwoods Reservation provides a taste of the Ozarks with diverse plants, springs, caves and rock formations. The Lime Kiln Loop is 3.2 miles long and brings hikers through beautiful scenery to a giant historic lime kiln. The terrain changes somewhat in elevation, giving a moderately challenging hike. 

White Bison Trail Loop

This 4-mile trail winds through the scenery of Lone Elk Park. You can find it about 20 miles from the center of St. Louis. The trail includes moderate difficulty with some twists and climbs. Hikers often spot deer and elk as they traverse the route. 

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