7 Best Day Trips From Salt Lake City

7 Best Day Trips From Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is the peak of beauty and adventure in Utah. While the city offers much to do and see, its surroundings offer endless year-round adventures and activities for the whole family. You can experience beautiful mountains, scenic views, historic and famous sites, hot springs and lakes in a day's trip from Salt Lake City. Whether you're on a planned holiday, a spur-of-the-moment weekend camping trip, or exploring as a local, visiting Salt Lake City attractions is a must. 

Best Day Trips From Salt Lake City

In just a day, you can experience beautiful places and sights near Salt Lake City. Here are some excellent day trip destinations to visit: 

1. Park City 

Park City is a famous skiing town only 30 miles from Salt Lake City. The town offers plenty of adventure, scenic views and activity all year round. Park City Mountain is one of the largest ski destinations in the United States and was host to various Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games in 2002. In winter, the mountain town is covered in snow and offers beautiful sights, especially when the city lights up amongst the snow in the evening. You can ski, shop and enjoy the small-town charm at various cafes or restaurants. 

Park City also hosts the annual Sundance Film Festival in winter, which provides an array of festivities to enjoy on your day trip. If you're planning a road trip from Salt Lake City in summer, you can stop by Park City for a hike, horseback riding or some mountain biking and enjoy strolling the picturesque town while taking in the sight of the mountain's lush green valleys. 

2. Timpanogos Cave National Monument 

The Timpanogos Cave National Monument offers a magical experience and is only 35 miles from Salt Lake City. Whether day-tripping to the Timpanogos Caves in summer or winter, you will surely get more than a fun adventure. The Timpanogos Cave National Monument is on Mount Timpanogos, the second-highest peak in Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. Mount Timpanogos offers some marvelous views which can take you in from your drive. 

In winter, the mountain is covered in thick snow. In summer, it is filled with green pastures and offers activities all year round. You can plan a hike in the American Fork Canyon and stop by the Timpanogos Cave Monument for an extraordinary guided cave tour. 

3. Bridal Veil Falls 

If you want to visit a beautiful natural waterfall on your day trip from Salt Lake City, drive 45 miles out of the city to Bridal Veil Falls. While the Bridal Veil waterfall is located in the picturesque Provo Canyon and is open all year, snowfall in the winter may limit the days you can visit the waterfall.

 Depending on your day trip itinerary, you can take a morning or afternoon hike to the falls. Enjoy a scenic hike to the waterfall and take incredible photos at various hiking points. 

4. Antelope Island State Park 

Explore Antelope Island State Park for a unique experience. Antelope Island is a Utah State Park, 59 miles from Salt Lake City, open year round. The Park is located on an island in the Great Salt Lake, offering mesmerizing views and many activities. You can explore the marina, enjoy the wildlife, picnic or swim on the beach.

Experience the great outdoors and the Great Salt Lake by floating on the tranquil lake waters for a peaceful and therapeutic experience. As the park name suggests, you can see antelope, free-ranging bison herds, deer and mule on your visit. Pack your camera and take in some breathtaking night skies, sunrises, wildlife and lake views at the Island State Park. 

5. Golden Spike National Historic Site 

The Golden Spike National Historic Site in Promontory Summit is 87 miles from Salt Lake City, offering an insightful and fun day out. On your day trip to the historic site, you can learn about the transcontinental railroad with two driving tours on the historic railroad. You can walk by the railroad tracks and experience various antiques on display at the visitor center. A trip to Golden Spike National Historic Site is an excellent pit stop on a day trip out of Salt Lake City. 

6. Bear Lake 

You have to plan a stop at Bear Lake on your day trip. Bear Lake is a serene freshwater lake on the Utah-Idaho border and a 123-mile drive from Salt Lake City. The lake has beach and marina areas, perfect for spending a day or some time on the water fishing, swimming, boating or skiing. You can visit the lake in summer or winter and take in and enjoy the lake's turquoise waters and activities. 

7. Bonneville Salt Flats 

Drive 124 miles out of Salt Lake City to experience the Bonneville Salt Flats' natural wonder. The Bonneville Salt Flats is a lake covered in a thick salt layer from when the Bonneville Lake dried out. The salt lake surface is a wonder you must see for yourself. The white Salt Flats span miles of land surrounded by mountains and look like an out-of-space planet. The Salt Flats become a hard rock surface in summer, making it perfect for driving or racing. 

In winter, the Salt Flats' surface becomes wet, making driving difficult as your car can get stuck on the sticky salt top layer. You can walk on the salt flats anytime and take in the seasonal salt flats' texture. You can take some incredible photos in summer or winter with a sunset or sunrise backdrop accentuating the beautiful salt-flat surface. 

The Bonneville Salt Flats are also famous for various movie sets and have become a popular place for high-speed racing in the summer. A day trip to the Bonneville Salt Flats at any time of the year will offer you an experience that is unlike anything in this world.

Plan a Day Trip From Salt Lake City

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