Family-Friendly Mountain Bike Trails Near Salt Lake City

Family-Friendly Mountain Bike Trails Near Salt Lake City

If you are looking for some easy mountain bike trails near you during your stay in Utah, you will find the area is home to plenty of fun and exciting trails. From easy beginner loops and flat, relaxing forest rides to more advanced paths with jumps and various elevations, you and your family will have a blast on Utah's mountain biking trails. 

Benefits of Mountain Biking as a Family

Exploring kid-friendly bike trails near you on vacation is an excellent way to spend time with your family. It's the perfect opportunity for you and your children to bond and enjoy an exciting adventure together. It also gets everyone outside and moving, teaching your kids how fun exercising and staying healthy can be. Mountain biking as a family is also a fantastic way to share your love of the outdoors with your children and help them appreciate the forest.

The Best Mountain Bike Trails Near Salt Lake City for Kids and Families

Beginner mountain bike trails in Salt Lake City are full of fun and excitement that even the youngest riders can enjoy. Many bike parks and trails in and around the city offer multiple paths with various challenges, so even if your children are at different skill levels, everyone can have a fantastic time. To enjoy an exciting mountain biking adventure with your family, consider the following trails:

Bob's Basin

Bob's Basin is perfect for new and experienced riders because it lets visitors tailor their rides to their skill levels and time constraints. This trail network features loops and beveled berms that riders can easily link together for a challenge level they find most comfortable. Newer riders can practice on the easiest features and skip more challenging parts until they feel ready to test their skills. 

On this fun collection of trails, your family can get some great exercise while taking in the area's stunning views. Whether you want to enjoy a quick ride on a few loops or spend some extra time exploring all of the trails, you will surely have a blast riding through Bob's Basin.

Draper Cycle Park

The Draper Cycle Park caters to riders of all skill levels. If anyone in your family wants to explore Corner Canyon, the park serves as the main trailhead for multiple singletrack trails. It also features exciting jump lines, a pump track and fun technical challenges riders can try while developing their skills. 

Little Valley Trails

If you visit Draper Cycle Park and want to explore some beginner trails, Little Valley trails connect to Corner Canyon trails in Draper. Little Valley's bike trails are designed specifically for beginners and children. With an easy gradual uphill incline and mild downhill paths, these trails provide the perfect conditions to learn how to ride and develop skills as a beginner. 

9-Line Bike Park

Beginner, intermediate and advanced riders will enjoy the 9-Line Bike Park located underneath Salt Lake City's 1-15 highway. Beginners can develop skills on the park's pump track, while more advanced riders can experience some thrills on its exhilarating jumps of various difficulty levels. 

Centennial Park

Your whole family can enjoy a full afternoon at Cenntenial Park in West Valley City. This fun recreational area features two exciting pump tracks that beginners and experienced riders can enjoy. It also houses Utah's largest skate park, so your kids can show off their skateboard or rollerblade skills if they enjoy other wheels as well. 

If you have younger children, they will appreciate the park's playgrounds, and your family can sit down in the grassy area for a relaxing picnic lunch together. 


Trailside Bike Park and Promontory Trails

Trailside Bike Park in the East Basin features bike paths for all skill levels. Kids and beginners can learn how to ride and practice on the park's beginner flow trail and pump tracks. Once they feel comfortable riding, they can try some new tricks or develop their skills on the park's jump lines with various difficulty levels. 

Experienced riders can enjoy intermediate and advanced slopes at the top of the park's hill on the Promontory trails. These advanced all-mountain trails feature wood challenges, bermed turns and exhilarating jumps. You can reach the Promontory trails via the Promontory trailhead along the Rail Trail. To access Trailside Bike Park, you can park in the Trailside Park's upper parking lot near the Basin Recreation Administrative Offices.

Round Valley Bike Trails

Round Valley features over 30 mountain biking trails covering 700 acres. These trails are located northeast of Old Town Park City, and they cater to all skill levels. This trail system is popular due to its flowing and soft-surface rides. Beginners and experienced riders can choose to explore paved, singletrack and double-track trails of various difficulty levels. 

Kids, beginners and families will find the Matt's Flat, Round Valley Express and Silver Quinn trails easy to ride. They cover six miles of pathways and make for the perfect family adventure. If your kids have some more advanced skills, they can ride the Rambler and Ramble On trails. These intermediate paths form a loop that more experienced riders can complete quickly, or they can extend their ride by continuing on to the Nowhere Elks trail. 

Dutch Hollow Trails

Midway's Dutch Hollow trails are fun singletrack paths that interconnect to form exciting loops. Your family can explore different paths to create various rides that meet your skill levels. Dutchman Way is perfect for beginners, but your kids may also find some excitement on the Lower Barrell and Luge trails if they have good braking abilities. The Cottontail Loop is also an easier trail, and it leads to a stunning viewpoint. 

Beaver Creek Trail

Beaver Creek Trail is mostly flat, making it a fun, easy ride for families. This trail covers four and a half miles, and it is part of the more challenging Taylor Fork-Cedar Hollow ATV Trail system. On this trail, you can enjoy the beautiful, fragrant forest and ride along a tranquil stream. You might even spot some beavers and other wildlife along your way. Explore the rambling Beaver Creek Trail if you're looking for an easy adventure and some quality outdoor time with your family.


Stay at KOA to Enjoy Family-Friendly Mountain Bike Trails Near Salt Lake City

Mountain biking near Salt Lake City is a fantastic opportunity for you and your family to bond, share adventures together, exercise and create lasting memories. Kid-friendly bike trails in and around Salt Lake City offer easy paths for riders of all ages and experience levels to enjoy. No matter how experienced your little ones are, you can take them on an exhilarating adventure full of winding trails, fresh air and beautiful views. 

When you stay at Kampgrounds of America, the fun can continue beyond the trails. After exploring family-friendly bike paths, you and your loved ones can enjoy fun campground recreational activities or gather around a cozy campfire. KOA offers plenty of convenient amenities, so you will always have what you need and can count on a comfortable stay. Book a stay at Salt Lake City KOA Holiday to start your family's exciting mountain biking adventure.

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