The Complete Guide to Fishing Near Port Huron

The Complete Guide to Fishing Near Port Huron

Lake Huron is one of the most beautiful of the Great Lakes. You can enjoy excellent fishing in Lake Huron when you visit Port Huron and the surrounding areas. From Atlantic salmon to rainbow trout and all of the bass in between, Port Huron is home to various fish species and some of the greatest fishing spots. 

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What Kind of Fish Are in Lake Huron?

Whether you want to fish for the day or enjoy an overnight fishing adventure, Port Huron has some excellent angling opportunities. Some of Lake Huron's most popular fish species include the following:

  • Atlantic salmon: The Atlantic salmon lives in different parts of the water, including near the surface and shore or in deeper locations, depending on the season.
  • Walleye: Walleye typically prefer little to no current in murky or slightly stained water.
  • Rainbow trout: Anglers often find rainbow trout in clear or slightly stained water with or without a current.
  • White perch: Many anglers have success catching white perch with minnows at the start of the season.
  • Largemouth bass: The largemouth bass typically prefers slightly murky water with a minimal current in shaded areas.
  • Smallmouth bass: You are more likely to catch the smallmouth bass in clear or slightly stained water in rocky areas.

While these fish make some excellent catches and are perfect for cooking over the fire, Lake Huron is also home to a wide variety of other fish species, which include the following:

  • Yellow bass
  • Channel catfish
  • Sauger
  • Lake trout
  • Brown trout
  • Bluegill
  • Steelhead
  • Pumpkinseed sunfish
  • White perch
  • Yellow perch
  • Coho salmon
  • Chinook salmon
  • Pink salmon
  • Northern pike
  • Muskie

Best Ways to Fish Around Port Huron

Whether you want to embark on an adventure and explore the lake or enjoy a relaxing day casting your line from the banks, Port Huron offers many exciting ways to fish. If you are looking forward to fishing in Port Huron, you can try any of the following angling adventures:

Lakeside Fishing

Lakeside fishing is a popular way to fish because it only requires a fishing pole, bait and any additional fishing gear you like to use. Fishing from the shore or bank does not require a boat, so you can pick a nice spot in the grass or take a chair to sit in while you enjoy fishing in the sunshine. Lakeside fishing is an excellent way to get some great catches, spend time with family or teach your little ones how to fish. 

Charter Fishing

Embark on an exciting fishing adventure led by a local boat captain when you book a charter fishing trip. A local charter captain can take you to the best spots and offer their experience and advice for each location. 

Charter captains understand how the local fish species behave and the best type of baits to attract them to help you get some great catches during your time on the lake. Enjoy the opportunity to catch the biggest fish and learn more about the area from an experienced angler when you take a charter fishing excursion. 

Boat Fishing

If you own your own motorized boat or are interested in renting one, you can be your own fishing guide and set off to find your own favorite fishing spots. Fishing with a motorboat lets you fish in more areas, and it is a great way to explore the lake. 

Kayak Fishing

If you do not own a motorized boat but still want to venture onto the lake, consider kayak fishing. A kayak is a narrow one or two-person boat you propel using a double-bladed paddle. Kayak fishing is a fun way to reach fishing spots other anglers cannot access with a motorboat. Enjoy gliding across the lake and dipping under tree branches to reach the little nooks and shady spots where fish may be hiding. 

Some fishing kayaks come with special features perfect for fishing, such as elevated seats, rod holders, enclosed storage compartments and GPS fish finders for an enhanced fishing experience. However, you can also get some great catches with a simple kayak. Just grab your tackle box, fishing pole and bait, and paddle until you find a great spot. 

Since a kayak lets you sit lower to the water, you may be able to easily spot some fish jumping or see them swim right under your kayak if the water is clear enough. 

Ice Fishing

If you enjoy colder weather, ice fishing is a great opportunity to catch some fish during the colder months. Ice fishing requires anglers to drill a hole and fish from that spot in the ice. Before you try ice fishing, make sure to take the right gear and follow important ice fishing safety tips.

Essential Fishing Gear

To fish in Lake Huron, you need a fishing pole, fishing line, lures and baits. Each angler has a favorite type of bait and lures to use, and different lures work better for different fish species, so it's best to try different ones until you find what works best for you. 

Top water lures skitter across water surfaces while spinner and crankbaits glide across water columns. Soft baits are worm-like baits you can suspend, dive or jig. You can also use live bait such as fishing worms or minnows to get your next big catch. 

Top Fishing Spots in and Around Port Huron

Port Huron is a fantastic place to explore Lake Huron, but you can also enjoy fishing in the Detroit River or Lake St. Clair when you visit Port Huron. In these destinations, you will likely catch large muskies, smallmouth bass and walleye, among other fish species. The Upper Peninsula's various rivers and streams are also full of trout, so you can find plenty of angling opportunities in this beautiful area.

Regulations and Fishing Limits in Lake Huron

To fish in Michigan, you must have a fishing license if you are 17 or older. You must also have a license if you are an adult actively assisting a minor who is fishing without a license. When you purchase a fishing license, it is valid from March 1 of that year to March 31 of the next year. 

If you harvest sturgeon, you must register your harvest within 24 hours. It is also important to follow fish limits and regulations in Michigan to make sure you are catching the allowed number of fish and only casting in waters that allow this activity. 

Stay at Port Huron KOA Resort to Explore the Area's Best Fishing Spots

Whether you want to spend quality time with family, sharpen your angling skills or learn a new hobby, Port Huron offers many opportunities for experienced anglers and beginners. Camp at Port Huron KOA Resort to enjoy the area's best fishing spots and spend your nights sleeping under the stars. Your catch of the day will taste great cooked over a cozy campfire, and you can enjoy KOA's convenient amenities and fun activities during your visit. 

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