General Campground Information


We would be happy to have you come in and take a tour of our campground.  We only allow driving tours during the following hours: Sundays 5PM to Thursdays 5PM.  Thursday evenings through Sunday evening we only allow walking tours.  Please stop in the Front Office to get a car pass and information about our park. 

Thank you!

Pool will be closed before 5/24 and after 9/2

Our pools will be open from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend.

Age Requirement

All campers under the age of 21 must be accompanied by a parent or

Vehicle Limit

We only allow one car to park on each site.  A second pre-registered vehicle can be parked in a side parking lot. Any more than two would need to be parked in our visitors parking area outside of the campground.  All vehicles must be registered at the time of check in.  Otherwise they will be considered a visitor and asked to park in the visitors parking.

Urgent Message

URGENT PLEASE READ BEFORE ENTERING A CABIN OR SETTING UP YOUR CAMPSITEThe smoking or use of marijuana or drugs (including medical) upon the premises of Port Huron KOA and Sawmill City is expressly prohibited. Our prohibition is authorized by Michigan Law. The smell of marijuana emanating from a cabin/deluxe cabin/RV unit, tent, or any other area will be considered evidence of the use of marijuana. Playing music from golf carts, whether personal or a rental, or from any other mobile device heard from a 15 feet distance is prohibited. Noise or music from a campsite or cabin should be kept at a level during the day that it cannot be heard over two campsites away. During quiet hours, music must be turned off with no noise heard beyond the cabin/campsite. Profanity or Vulgar language, whether in person or music, is not permitted within or upon the premises of our family campground/facility.  IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH ANY OF THESE POLICIES, PLEASE AVAIL YOURSELF OF OUR ONE HOUR REFUND POLICY. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU ENTER A CABIN AND THEN DECIDE TO SEEK A ONE HOUR REFUND, THERE WILL BE A RE-CLEANING/SANITIZING CHARGE. PERSONS WHO VIOLATE THESE POLICIES WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE CAMPGROUND WITH NO REFUND.                   Effective August 20, 2020

Limited Activity hours

Our activities and stores will be closed, during the week, from May 5th to June 14th, 2024.  They will also be closed, during the week, after September 2nd, 2024. They will also be limited the first weekend that we are open, May 3rd to 5th, 2024 and the last weekend we are open, October 25th to 27th, 2024.

Check In and Out Times

Check in: 3PM
Check out: Cabins 11AM, Sites 1PM
Deluxe Cabin check in may be a short wait past the check in time.
Reservations made the same day of arrival may not be ready for check in by the 3PM time frame.


Neither the owner of the campground nor its management assumes any responsibility for accidents, injuries, or loss from any cause, to either person or property.


Port Huron KOA Visitor Prices:
Children ages 6 and under are free
Between the ages of 7 and 65 is $7.00 per person ($10.00 on Halloween Weekends)
Over 65 is $2.00
Overnight visitors are double the cost.  

We ask that visitors park in our Visitors parking lot. We do NOT allow visitors vehicles to park inside of the campground.

Also, each site has an 8 person maximum. This number includes campers and visitors. If you have 4 campers on your site, you will only be allowed 4 visitors at a time.

Campers must register all people and cars that they consider campers at the time of check in. Any people joining after the time of check in will be considered a visitor and be charged accordingly.

Unit Limit

Certain sites will now allow either two tents or a camper RV and a tent.  The cost will be $10.00 per night for the additional sleeping unit.  Plus, the additional adult fee will still be in effect.  Please check with the office for site numbers that allow this. Two sleeping units will always be the maximum on these sites.  We will not allow more then two sleeping units.

Photo ID & Credit Card

Photo ID and the credit card used to make the reservation will be required to be presented at check in.

Special Requests

If you have special requests, please contact us prior to your arrival.  Once you have arrived, our ability to make changes becomes highly unlikely.  If we are able to meet your request upon check in, there may be a $50 changing fee enforced.  

Only cabins that have reservations are cleaned by 3:00PM.  In the chance that you wish to make a change once here, it most likely will result in a longer wait.


By signing your receipt at check in, you authorize Port Huron KOA/Sawmill City to charge your credit card for any damages, replacement of property, or labor cost associated with damage to property.  This includes damage done by registered guests to your site or cabin.  This also includes damage done by pets registered to your site or cabin.

Meet Your Hosts

The Steins

We are very proud of all of the great recreational offerings on our campground.

Every day on the Port Huron KOA Kampground is like coming home again for Howard and Shirley Stein.

Howard is a lifelong resident of Port Huron. The site of his old elementary school is just down the road from the campground.

The Steins purchased the KOA in 1990 after long careers as a defense contractor, law enforcement officer and developer (Howard), and medical technologist and corporate officer (Shirley).

They both speak with pride of all of the great recreational offerings on the campground (click on the amenities button on this page for details).

When not on the campground, look for Shirley to be reading books or tending to her horses. Howard will likely be hunting, traveling, reading or developing his next big project.