Sweet Momma's Cafe'

Hungry? Whether it's breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner or dessert, Sweet Momma's Cafe' has you covered!


Breakfast Pizza

Scrambled eggs,bacon,sausage, mozzarella and cheddar

Pancakes (3)


Belgian Waffle


Sausage Burrito

Sausage (or Bacon), Egg and Cheese Burrito

Sausage Biscuit

Sausage (or Bacon), Egg & Cheese Biscuit

Biscuit & Gravy


Desserts and Ice Cream

Ice Cream Kids Scoop


Ice Cream Single Scoop


Ice Cream Double Scoop


Waffle Cone WIth One Scoop


Cake Cone WIth One Scoop


Sugar Cone WIth One Scoop


Milk Shake


Lunch & Dinner

Hunk of Pizza


Large Pizza

Choose from Hand Tossed or Thin Crust. Toppings include Pepperoni, Sausage, Beef, Banana Pepper, Tomato, Black Olive, Mushroom, Jalapeno, Bell Pepper and Red Onion at no additional charge. Extra Cheese $1.95

Cup of Wing Bites


Veggie Wrap w/Ranch


Wing Bite Wrap w/Ranch