Guide to Rock Climbing in Moab, Utah

Guide to Rock Climbing in Moab, Utah

Guide to Rock Climbing in Moab, Utah

The adventures are endless with the diverse rock formations you could climb in Moab. Whether you are a beginner, amateur, expert or professional climber, you will find many amazing climbing opportunities throughout Utah.

Bouldering, climbing and canyoneering take time, patience and skill to conduct safely. Ensure you have the proper knowledge and equipment to go on climbing adventures. This guide to Moab climbing will help you discover new places and provide tips on how to stay safe while bouldering, climbing or canyoneering.

Best Places to Rock Climb in Moab

You will have the adventure of a lifetime while climbing through some of Moab's stunning rock formations. Here are some of the best places to rock climb in Moab.

Ice Cream Parlor 

When you need a climbing spot that features routes with varying difficulty levels, try Ice Cream Parlor. It has 26 climbs, with 14 at the easy to moderate level. Ice Cream Parlor is on Kane Springs Road and is a popular area for climbers of all skill levels.

Wall Street Climbing Area

One of the most popular and accessible climbing areas in Moab is Wall Street, right on Utah State Route 279. Pull off along the side of the road to join others in climbing. From easy sandstone edges to crusher lines, you have plenty of exciting climbs to attempt. Depending on the area of Wall Street, you could have relatively easy or challenging climbs.

Indian Creek Climbing Area

Another special climbing place is Indian Creek. The climbing area has many clean, quality cracks climbers can use to make their way up the rocks. The climbing routes have moderate to strenuous difficulty, so ensure you have the proper gear and climbing knowledge. Indian Creek is about an hour's drive outside of Moab.

Arches National Park

Visit Arches National Park for various outdoor experiences, including rock climbing, canyoneering and bouldering. Before canyoneering, you must obtain a permit for each route you want to complete. This stunning Park has many different spots for climbing and adventuring, no matter your skill level.

Guided Climbs for Beginner Climbers

Moab also has plenty of guided climbing opportunities for beginner climbers to ensure they learn how to climb safely. If you are interested in climbing for the first time or still learning the ropes, consider taking a guided climb to have a knowledgeable climber help you through canyons and along climbing courses.

You could go on a half-, full- or multiple-day canyoneering or climbing tour. The tours are a great way to try something new without prior experience.

Personal Safety Practices

Whether you are bouldering in Moab, rock climbing or canyoneering, safety is the number one priority for you and your family or friends. Have a clear plan for where you want to go so that you have some expectations about the day. Also, consider the following to maintain your safety while climbing:

  • Protect yourself from heat and sun: Be careful while climbing under the hot sun all day. Ensure you protect yourself from the heat by wearing sunscreen, covering your skin and drinking plenty of water. While muscle cramps could occur from your hard work climbing, they can also be a sign of needing more water or electrolytes.
  • Watch the weather: If it recently rained, wait two to three days for all the rock areas to dry again. Climbing on wet rock is dangerous for climbers, but it also can harm the rock's formations. Be cautious while climbing when rain is in the forecast as well. Lightning and flooding can happen spontaneously, so you must have a plan to stay safe if bad weather occurs.
  • Check your gear: Perform safety checks on your equipment before, during and after your climbing excursion. Your gear's condition must be optimal to keep you safe.

Leave No Trace Practices

To ensure the longevity of the beautiful rock formations in Moab, leave no trace practices are essential to follow. Most rocks in Moab are soft sandstone that can easily be damaged.

Practice some of the following leave no trace principles while rock climbing in Moab:

  • Respect wildlife.
  • Travel on designated trails, roads and rocks.
  • Pack out your waste to safely dispose of it later.
  • Use rock-colored chalk and soft cleaning brushes.
  • Climb when the rock is fully dry so that the rock does not deteriorate.

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