Guide to Mountain Biking Near Moab, UT

Guide to Mountain Biking Near Moab, UT

Through the mountains and valleys of Moab, Utah, lie hundreds of trails designed for mountain bikers of all ages and levels. Some people see mountain biking in Moab as a rite of passage. Others see it as the perfect opportunity for the adrenaline rush that comes from pushing your body and your skills to the limit. 

Whatever your reason is for visiting Moab, you are sure to find the trails that can satisfy your needs — and after a day well spent testing your endurance and exploring the beautiful scenery all around you, make sure you have a comfortable and relaxing space to rest up for another day of biking. Moab KOA Holiday has ways to stay for every camper, whether you prefer pitching a tent or experiencing one of our Deluxe Cabins. Explore our Moab options today so you can finish planning your dream vacation.

Is Moab Good for Mountain Biking?

Many mountain biking enthusiasts will tell you that a trip to Moab should be on your biking bucket list. Bikers seeking to test their endurance and master highly technical skills will find what they are looking for here, as will nature-loving families looking to try their hands at mountain biking together.

Mountain biker on a Moab, UT trail in the spring

When Can You Mountain Bike in Moab?

Although the trails are open year-round, the best times for riding the trails are late spring and fall. In the summer, temperatures can get quite hot, leading to less than ideal cycling conditions. Many peaks are covered in snow in the winter, and the snow can linger on the ground until May sometimes. 

Whenever you decide to tackle the trails, make sure you bring a few layers because it will likely be cool if you reach the peaks of the trails in the early morning. Be sure to have plenty of water as well to keep hydrated on a sunny day.

Mountain Biking Trails Near Moab

When you start searching for the best biking trails in Moab, there are many options no matter your skill level. Here are some of the most popular trails for beginners, intermediate riders and experts. 

Beginner Trails

These trails make great warmups for more advanced riders, and they are an excellent way for people new to mountain biking to get a sense of the terrain and how to manage their bike on it:

  • Moab Brand Trails: These trails just to the north of Moab are ideal for mountain biking newcomers to try before they bite off another challenge. They still feature enough technical challenge, though, that even more seasoned mountain bikers still find them enjoyable. 
  • Monitor & Merimac: Try out this trail before moving to more complicated routes like Slickrock or Bartlett Wash.

Intermediate Trails

If you have been on a few mountain bike excursions and managed to handle your own, you can call yourself an intermediate rider. These trails will challenge you and help you improve your techniques:

  • Navajo Rocks: Get a little taste of everything with this ever-changing terrain and introduce newer riders to riding on slickrock.
  • Klondike Bluff Area: Make the climb on this trail, and you just might see some dinosaur footprints as a reward.
  • Klonzo: Whether you visit the north side or the south side of this interlinked trail system, you will travel through red dirt, sandstone and plenty of challenges to keep your heart rate up.

The Klondike Bluff Area and Klonzo, in particular, have a number of trails suited for beginner and expert riders, too. Because they have so many trails, these areas are great options if you are traveling with a group with varying skill levels.

Expert Trails

The expert trails in Moab are long, usually more than 20 miles, and highly technical. Only those who are fully confident in their abilities should attempt expert-level rides like the ones you will find on:

  • The Whole Enchilada: The most famous trail system in Moab, The Whole Enchilada is 25 miles of downhill excitement. Breeze through a combination of six trails, including the Burro Pass and the Porcupine Rim. 
  • Amasa Back Area: This is a collection of four technical trails, some of which do not have any fall zones, making this a journey for the brave and experienced.
  • Magnificent 7: Get the best of seven challenging trails with the Mag 7. Similar to Amasa Back Area, there are points on these trails with no fall zones.
  • Spanish Valley and Sand Flats Recreation Area: Home to Moab's most iconic single trail, Slickrock, this journey includes steep climbs and sand dunes.

Staying Safe on Your Ride

Mountain biking is an exhilarating sport, but it is not without its challenges. Before you take off, there are a few things to consider that can help keep you safe while riding unfamiliar terrain:

  • Wear your gear: Helmets, gloves and pads are the first steps in protecting yourself while biking. The more challenging the trail, the more essential it is to have the right gear to protect you from serious injuries.
  • Take care of your bike: Even an expert rider can get hurt if their bike is not up to standards. Check out your tires and any moving parts before you start a ride, and if you can, keep a small repair kit with you while you ride.
  • Stretch before you ride: As with all sports, ensure you are warmed up before diving in. A few stretches to loosen you up can help you get in the right mindset and be more prepared for movement.
  • Use caution: Although the adrenaline rush from completing a complicated course is a prime reason people choose to mountain bike, be careful not to overdo it. Going faster than you are comfortable with and taking sharp turns quickly can cause serious injuries. 

Mountain biking near Moab KOA Holiday: Reserve your overnight stay

Sleep It off at Moab KOA Holiday

Perhaps the best thing you can do to ensure your safety while riding is to give yourself time to rest so that you can come back the next day focused and prepared for your next ride. At Moab KOA Holiday, you will find the space you need to get ready for whatever mountains lie ahead of you. There are many ways for you to stay with us:

  • RV Sites: Bring your RV and enjoy our Pull-Thru or Back-In RV Sites, complete with a picnic table and Deluxe Patios on some sites.
  • Tent Sites: You and your biking mates can camp six to a site with our level, sand Tent Sites. Some sites also include water and electricity.
  • Cabins: If camping in a tent is not for you, try a Camping Cabin instead. You will have a cozy bed to sleep in — just be sure to bring your own linens. Some cabins also have heat and A/C.
  • Deluxe Cabins: Deluxe cabins offer even more comforts than the Camping Cabins, and they include a full bathroom with shower.

Along with our ample lodging and site options, amenities include picnic tables at every site, a sparkling swimming pool and a bike wash and repair station specifically for our mountain biking guests. Call us or book your stay online at Moab KOA Holiday and enjoy everything Moab has to offer! 

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