Local Area Recreation Near Houlton / Canadian Border KOA Journey

Local Area Recreation Near Houlton / Canadian Border KOA Journey
Experience a Maine outdoor adventure, from the beautiful Aroostook County and the rugged Canadian border to some of the most spectacular scenery in New England. 

7 Best Outdoor Recreational Activities Near Houlton, Maine
Our campground property has tons of outdoor recreation opportunities in northern Maine. Here are seven activities you will want to make time for while you are here.

1. ATV Riding
Whether you want a quick hour-long ride or a whirlwind day trip, you have many ATV trails in northern Maine to choose from — some right off Houlton / Canadian Border KOA Journey! No matter your skill level, you will find something for your cruising style. The St. John Valley Heritage Trail and the Bangor and Aroostook Trail will take you across a vast expanse of untamed countryside. Staying at a campground with easy trail access is important. 

2. Mountain Biking
Head out on your mountain bike and explore Maine's forests. Try the Southern Bangor and Aroostook Trail system for a scenic, flat ride. Popular with all ages, this nearly 40-mile trail takes you through the pristine Maine countryside. Another option is the Nordic Heritage Center to explore over 20 miles of trail systems, peruse family-friendly mountain paths like the Moose Loop or face natural drop-offs on the Vacationland trail.

3. Water Sports
In Aroostook County, Maine, you will find picture-perfect bodies of water perfect for a Maine outdoor adventure, from Eagle Lake to Grand Lake along the United States and Canada border. Enjoy boating, kayaking and guided boat cruises along the many paddle routes available throughout the region.

4. Horseback Riding
If you have ever dreamed of exploring the northern wilderness on horseback, Aroostook County is where you can do it. The Aroostook Valley Trail provides almost 30 miles of shared-use trails and links with other trails across northern Maine and Canada. The St. John Valley Heritage Trail offers almost 17 miles of scenic riding through woodlands and wetlands.

5. Hiking From the quaint towns to the sprawling forests and mountains, you will have seemingly endless trails to explore, such as:

  • Mount Chase: This three-mile out-and-back trail passes a gorgeous waterfall through Mount Chase.
  • Quaggy Jo: Hikers can take in some of the most beautiful scenery on the North and South Peaks Loops. This heritage trail takes you by Echo Lake, a popular spot to cool down after hiking.
  • Appalachian Trail: If you seek adventure, this rugged hike along Mars Hill will allow you to follow the footsteps of thousands who have trekked from Georgia on their way north along this famous trail section

6. Wildlife Touring
Many animals, from moose and loons to bald eagles and black bears, call this area home. Since much of this region remains natural and undisturbed, you can see these magnificent creatures all around the county, making wildlife touring very popular.

ATV Trails and Riding

ATV Trails and Riding

Experience ATV camping in Northern Maine while staying at our KOA Campground. We have easy access to ATV trails, so you can ride through the beautiful woods.

Houlton Community Golf Club

Houlton Community Golf Club

Enjoy a round of golf 

Hours :
Through June 10 : 8AM – 6PM
June 10-Sept 16: 7AM-6PM

6 Country Club Drive

New Limerick, ME 04730


Meduxnekeag River Trail

Meduxnekeag River Trail

The trail property is owned by the Town of Houlton and the Aaron and Maria Putnam Charitable Trust. It is open to the public at no charge and is 3 miles long (round trip), most of which is in forest. Access is either from Riverside Park near the North Street bridge or from a small parking area on Lincoln St.

No motorized wheeled vehicles of any kind are allowed.

Great for walkers, birders, fishermen, bicyclers, picnickers, skiers and explorers!

Houlton, ME 04730