What to Pack for Camping in the Poconos

What to Pack for Camping in the Poconos

If you are wanting to escape and enjoy some peace and quiet in nature, you can't go wrong with camping in the Poconos. Here, you can spend quality time with friends and family while exploring all of the scenic forests and waterfalls. Whether you love to hike, ski or play golf — or just spend quiet moments around the campfire — there's something for everyone.

While the weather in the Poconos Mountains in Pennsylvania can vary depending on the season, it's always a beautiful and mild place to visit. Just keep in mind that the season will impact what kinds of clothing, gear and camping equipment you'll need to pack. 

Top Things to Pack When Camping in the Poconos

Ready to plan a memorable camping experience with your loved ones in the Poconos Mountains? Make sure you are prepared with everything you need to have a fun-filled and safe adventure.

Of course, no matter what season you plan on camping in, you'll want to pack your normal camping supplies like a tent and tent stakes, cooking supplies and utensils, outdoor lighting and tools.

Here are five additional things you'll want to make sure you bring along for your trip:

1. Pack in Layers

Especially if you'll be camping in the spring, fall or winter, you'll want to make sure you're prepared with clothing items that you can easily layer or remove depending on the temperature. This includes sweaters, lightweight coats, gloves, hats and thermal layers.

2. Bug Repellent

If you will be spending a lot of time exploring in the woods or doing outdoor activities, make sure you have plenty of bug repellent handy. You don't want to let pesky bug bites ruin your relaxing getaway, so give yourself a good coating whenever you're outdoors. 

3. Hiking and Workout Clothing

Since you'll be traversing through forested peaks and valleys and checking out the beautiful lakes, you want to be sure you have comfortable clothing. Consider packing either hiking or workout clothing. Comfortable tees, pants or leggings, and hiking shoes will allow you to trek through the Poconos Mountains for hours.

4. Waterproof Carrying Bag 

Depending on when you plan your camping trip, you could potentially be dealing with some rain showers or waterfall mist. Make sure your gear stays protected with a waterproof carrying bag. No matter if you use your bag to store some cash, medicine or matches, experience peace of mind knowing your gear will be protected no matter what kind of weather nature sends your way.

5. Sunscreen

Even though the weather is mild in the Poconos Mountains, you don't want to forget about sunscreen if you'll be spending most of your time outdoors. The UV index is still high, which can cause a sunburn if you spend too much time in the sun unprotected.

Plan Your Camping Trip in the Poconos Mountains 

Honesdale / Pocono KOA Holiday is conveniently situated in the northern Poconos. Whether you choose to stay in a cabin, at an RV Site or in a Glamping Tent, you'll find a variety of camping options and amenities that will make your trip memorable. 

Start planning your camping trip today.

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