Miners' Table

Miners' Table Hours

April 15, 2021 - December 18, 2021
4 PM - 9 PM
Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

When miners discover a grouping of Herkimer Diamonds in a vug, or pocket, they hit what is called the "Miners' Table". It's usually a place where the prospectors are greeted by Mother Nature's many great finds. And, although you won't unearth Herkimer Diamond at your table today, we know you will experience some superb finds of the culinary kind. While in the front room of the restaurant, enjoy the many displayed clusters (diamonds that have grown together). In the middle room, take in the 500 million year old pockets of Herkimer Diamonds, all of which were found in the Miners' Table at the Herkimer Diamond Mines. Miners' Table uses a wood-fired oven providing a uniquely rewarding experience, transforming the way Americans cook pizza and more! Our wood-fired options are offered weekly!