Galveston: One of the Best Destinations for Texas Snowbirds

Galveston: One of the Best Destinations for Texas Snowbirds

Texas Snowbirds

If you are curious about the meaning of “snowbird,” you will be surprised to find that it has nothing to do with birds and everything to do with warm destinations. Snowbirds travel south during the winter, and Texas is a popular snowbird destination due to its breathtaking beaches and fun activities. Continue reading to learn why Texas is the perfect place for a winter beach getaway.

What Are Texas Snowbirds?

Snowbirds are people who travel to and reside in warmer states during the winter. They travel from colder northern U.S. states or Canada to warmer southern states. A snowbird may have various reasons for traveling south during the winter months, but the main goal is to escape cold temperatures and enjoy warmer weather. A snowbird can be any age, but they tend to be older active adults and retirees. Texas snowbirds choose Texas as their winter destination and enjoy all that this beautiful state has to offer. 

Snowbirds tend to rent lodging or travel in RVs because it is more affordable than purchasing a second home. While soaking up the sun on the beach may be one of the main highlights of winter travel to the south, snowbirds do more than sunbathe and listen to the waves crash. They also enjoy local events, live entertainment and social gatherings. Some winter visitors even work seasonal jobs in their warm temporary locations to pad their income. 

Winter Texans who stay at Texas snowbird RV parks often meet other winter visitors and form friendships. Many snowbird couples end up traveling with other snowbird friends and spend their winter months enjoying each other's company. 

Texans often refer to snowbirds as “Winter Texans” and welcome them with special entertainment and activities. To welcome Winter Texans, Galveston hosts seasonal activities, holiday festivities and a Restaurant Week with special deals. 

Texas Weather in the Winter

The weather in Texas is typically cool and partly cloudy during the winter months. Between December and March, temperatures fluctuate between 49 degrees Fahrenheit and 61 degrees Fahrenheit. The daily temperature averages 66 degrees Fahrenheit, and January brings the coolest temperatures.  

How Is Texas Snowbird-Friendly?

Beautiful weather is not the only thing that makes Texas the perfect snowbird-friendly destination. What does snowbird-friendly mean? Snowbirds can take advantage of a lower cost of living than they find in areas farther north due to discounted rates on extended stays.

Plenty of Indoor and Outdoor Activities

Texas is a beautiful state full of fun activities. Winter months in colder states allow very few opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors, but Texas's warmer temperatures let you enjoy more time outside. Spending winter months in Texas means you can hike, ride your bike, walk around town, spend time on the beach, kayak, fish and enjoy campfires. 

Galveston, Houston and San Antonio are located within hours of each other, allowing snowbirds to enjoy plenty of fun attractions and activities. Whether you explore the San Antonio Riverwalk, visit some museums in Houston or cast your fishing line from a Galveston fishing pier, Texas is home to plenty of enjoyable activities. 

Holiday Celebrations

Enjoy winter vacations in Texas with history tours, holiday lighting ceremonies, and displays.

Texas is a gorgeous place to spend the holidays. In winter, the San Antonio Riverwalk lights up with thousands of festive lights and features fun seasonal attractions. Galveston also lights up with festive decorations and holiday cheer. This gorgeous beachfront city hosts so many holiday events that many refer to it as the “Winter Wonder Island of Texas.” When you visit Galveston in the winter, you can take decorative history tours, participate in holiday lighting ceremonies and enjoy impressive cheerful displays.

Galveston's Moody Park hosts Holiday in the Gardens, a seasonal event featuring beautiful light displays and fun animatronics. You can also attend the city's special event, Dickens on the Strand. This immersive holiday tradition features costumed characters and live reenactments of Charles Dickens's work. 

Low Cost of Living

Another benefit of traveling to Texas for the winter is its low cost of living. When you travel to Texas for the winter, you may pay less for gas, groceries and entertainment than you would back home. 

What Makes Texas the Perfect Vacation Spot?

You can enjoy one of the best winter beach vacations in Texas due to its beautiful coastline. Galveston is one of the best Texas vacation spots featuring 32 miles of gorgeous gulf beaches. In Galveston, you can soak in the salty sea air and visit some oceanfront restaurants to indulge in some fresh seafood. Texas also offers the perfect blend of rural and urban atmospheres with bustling cities like Houston and beautiful countryside throughout the entire state.

Benefits of Winter Travel to the Beach

A winter beach vacation is a perfect opportunity to relax, spend time with loved ones and soak up some sunshine. You do not have to be a snowbird to enjoy the winter months in Texas. Winter is also the perfect time for a family beach vacation, a couple's getaway or a fun trip with friends. Traveling to the beach during the winter has the following benefits:

Escaping Cold Temperatures

Traveling to the beach in the winter allows you to escape your chilly hometown. When you stay in Texas during the winter, you can enjoy pleasant weather with comfortable temperatures. While your friends and family shovel snow, you can relax and soak in some sun rays. 

Avoiding Summer Crowds

Winter beach travel also lets you avoid crowds. Since most people plan beach vacations in the summer, winter is the perfect time to enjoy an uncrowded beach. You can have a quiet, relaxing and blissful winter beach vacation when fewer people are perusing the beach.

It Is Good for Your Health

You can improve your health and stay safe by residing at the beach during the winter months. With milder weather, you can avoid shoveling snow and driving on icy roads like you would have to do at home. Traveling to warmer areas during the winter also lets you stay active year-round since the comfortable temperatures make it easier to ride a bike or walk outside each day.

Stay at Galveston Island KOA Holiday This Winter

Become a snowbird this winter and enjoy all Texas has to offer during the cooler months. From pleasant temperatures to exciting holiday celebrations and gorgeous shorelines, Galveston is the perfect winter destination. You can escape chilly weather and relax on uncrowded beaches along Galveston's coastline. Kampgrounds of America offers the best Texas snowbird rentals

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Enjoy one of the best winter vacations in Texas and stay at Galveston Island KOA Holiday.

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